Friday, February 29, 2008

21st Century? We've arrived.

Yup, you read that right, I think my family has finally stepped into the 21st century. Or at least if you talk to The Boys, that's what they'd say. We spent the evening looking at Every. Store. In. The. Area. for {drum roll please}:

Guitar Hero III.

Good Lord.

You'd think we were searching for the Holy Grail. We also spent last night doing the same exact thing. You see, yesterday was Beanpole's 9th birthday, and being the excellent, always prepared, ever-ready parents that we are {cough cough}, we didn't decide that we were really going to get him this until, well, last night. So we went to a couple stores nearby, and they didn't have it. Neither one. The game, or the guitar controllers. Nothin'. Nada. Is there a black market for these things that I'm unaware of??? So we promised Beanpole that we'd call around to find out who had one in stock (to save driving around all over creation), and if we couldn't find one in stock, we'd order it off the internet and have it shipped to our house. He cried, of course, which made me feel like a loser, but I truly didn't think it would still be this difficult to find.

We still had a successful party, just us family, eating Little Caesar's Pizza and watching a movie (Invincible, which is a great movie, considering it has one of the worst actors ever, Mark Wahlberg, in it). Chocolate cake with happy birthday candles completed the evening.

So tonight we finally found the game, at Best Buy of all places. Complete with an extra guitar (we don't want any fighting over guitars now, do we?), it was actually a lot less expensive than I thought it would be. And now all we have to put up with is a crying Little Linebacker, because he's not as good as he thinks he should be when he picks up the guitar for the second time in his life.

Life is good.

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Elizabeth said...

I have a feeling there will be a certain someone I know constantly on that thing. The boys don't stand a chance. ;)