Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I totally ROCK the house.

Well, okay, so at least one of you thinks I do! Barefoot Gardener, from Barefoot In The Garden thinks I'm a nifty blogger!! w00t for me!!!


How cool is that?!?!? My very first award. I think I actually just teared up. Seriously.

So now, I get to pass this on. Am I allowed to give it back to the person who gave it to me? She just got one, so I guess not, but I'll link you again anyway (in case you blatantly ignored me the first time)...go check her out: Barefoot Gardener.

Another award should go to Ness at Dachshund Strong. She's such a wonderful friend, and I've never even talked to her on the phone (yet!). She's hysterical, yet just a caring as she could be. She lives semi-near me and has volunteered numerous times to cart her hiney over to my side of the river to help me...truly, a sweet soul, and I've been blessed to know her even this much.

Next, Elizabeth from A Calm in the Chaos. She's another BFF (IRL, too! Ok, someone stop me). She'd down to Earth and great with her kids, plus she inspires me to get out there and do...whatever I want! To follow my dreams, and do something that makes me feel great, like she's doing. You go girl!!

Lastly, P-Dub at The Park Wife. God love her, she lives in a freakin' state park, and if that's not cool, I don't know what is. Plus, she's funny, and she deals with all kinds of testosterone in her home just like me, so I "get" her. She was one of my first blog friends, and she's one cool chica.

Now, having done that, let me tell you this: I stepped out of the car of a friend tonight who gave me a ride home from work. It's raining like mad here, and she wouldn't let me walk home. Anyway, I practically rolled out, since her car is about 2.75 inches off the ground (thank God I'm not 9 months pregnant!), and turned around to thank her and wish her safe travel back to The Greens. As I turned, my foot decided to go its own way, and it landed Right. In. The. Mud. It was like that scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, when Rooney is peeking inside the Bueller house, but his foot slips off the spigot he's standing on and dumps right into the muddy-ness underneath. It sucked. And the mud was wet enough from this torrential downpour that it actually spilled up over the top of my dressy work shoes and into my shoe. Yeah. It was just the highlight of my day. Really.


Ness said...

OMG--thank you so much for the award! I am honored. It couldn't have come at a better time as I had to walk to Walgreens to get my meds, their system went down and then they tell me they have to hold my pain pills hostage because it shows my insurance expired. Not. She was a new tech and after 45 minutes she said mine was OK and I could have my meds, but my husband couldn't have his Methotrexate because his insurance expired(and we've had the same insurance for 14+ years).

Thank you again for the award. You totally made my day!

Elizabeth said...

You ARE amazing! *hugs*