Saturday, February 23, 2008

You want to talk about a bad day?

They just keep on coming. Yesterday I had to work (typical), and although it was work, it was a truly slow day, compared to the hell we've been going through since new years. I did, however, find out that one of my best friends in the whole world is transferring stores. She's a pharmacist, so pregnant that she's about ready to burst, and currently drives over an hour to get from her house to our store (and back again after shift). So...I do not blame her at all for transferring to this store, as it's brand new, it's about a 20 minute drive from her house, she's going to have a brand new babe at home, and who wouldn't want to spend more time with their child instead of in the car? That being said, I couldn't even speak when she told me. I know this was wrong, as she's just as emotional as me and needed support that she made the right decision, but I was afraid if I opened my mouth, I'd start bawling like a baby again (I'd already taken one trip to the little girl's room for that purpose). So I left at the end of my shift, having not really talked to anyone after her news, and now I feel horrible. I just can't believe she's leaving.

Then I get home, and not 10 minutes after I walk in the door, a glass is broken in our living room by Little Linebacker...on our carpeted floor...right in the walking path. So I banish The Boys to their room and grab the vacuum cleaner. I vacuum for about 3 minutes, then it starts making this noise...sort of like how I'd imagine a squirrel stuck in a drain pipe would sound. And I'm not near done vacuuming the miniscule shards of glass from our needs-to-be-replaced-badly-anyway carpet. So I give up, and decide to simply warn BBM to not walk around barefoot when he gets home until I can figure out the stupid vacuum cleaner.

So I head back out into the kitchen, as I'd collected a pile of junk too big for the vacuum hose, and I see it...all over my kitchen floor...water. Plain as day, coming from my dishwasher. It's all soapy, because the dishwasher is right in the middle of the wash cycle. So the best thing I can say about that is that my kitchen floor got a slight cleaning too. So I turned off the dishwasher, planned on throwing in the towel (literally, as I head to the closet to grab a towel to mop things up with), and head to bed. On the way there, my mind went ker-flooey (baby brain, anyone?), and I totally didn't grab a towel. I just went straight to bed and read my book until BBM got home and informed me there was water all over the kitchen floor...CRAP! I'd forgotten the towel! He got one for me and laid it over the wet mess in the kitchen, and the last thing I remember is drifting off to one of the most fitful sleeps I've had in awhile.

And now it's today. The greatest thing is happening today: Big Boss Man and I have a DATE!!! We're dropping The Boys off at my mom's house across the river, and going to see a movie I think, although we don't even know what's out. And The Boys are actually staying overnight at Nana's house, so I get to come home and not worry about waking up with them in the morning! Then tomorrow when I drive to pick The Boys up, my sister will be there, dropping off my maternity clothes!! WOOT!!! So hopefully, the next 48 hours will be filled with joy and happiness and ease, even if I do have laundry to fit into that schedule at some point, and maybe shopping for a brand new vacuum cleaner and dishwasher!


Ness said...

Don't make me hafta come over there. Quit vaccuuming and scrubbing floors. You're with child! Of course your emotions are all over the place...sending you a big hug and an invite to meet for ice cream or pickles or whatever you're craving when you can work me into your schedule. Take care!

Lisa said...

All I can say is, today has to be a better day! But just in case, let the Big Boss Man do the driving!!

It does seem like with things go down the cr*pper, they just keep coming!!

I will keep all my fingers and toes crossed for a good day today!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

But the floor got sort of clean so it wasn't all that bad?

Hallie :)

Patriot said...

Ha - I know I would totally take one of the go-karts myself!