Thursday, February 07, 2008

They're out to get me.

My children, that is. BBM came home from work early tonight and went into seclusion in the bunker, jamming to his tunes and whatnot. I was bopping back and forth between the living room and the bunker, and The Boys were back and forth between the living room and their bedroom. All was well until I hear a ginormous CRASH from The Boys' bedroom. The punks broke a lamp!!! Knocked it right off the bookshelf!

Okay, so actually, just the light bulb shattered...but damn if it wasn't louder than that!! Enough to give a girl a heart attack!

That got them sent to bed early, and I think I'm going to finish my mediocre orange (the rest were really juicy and sweet. This one? Not so much.) and head to bed myself. I may make some toast first, but I might be a little too tired even for that.

On a happier note, I received my last ebay purchase today, and the capris fit perfectly (and will fit when I'm big and whale-like too). So really only a few buys were wastes, like the shirts that, uhm, don't fit my boobs...what's up with that?!?! And then the dress disaster. Other than that, the gauchos, capris, pants, and a couple other shirts were excellent finds!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Glad your Ebay stuff was mostly a success. I am waiting for a bday gift to arrive for my mom in law = it should have been here by now and I'm getting worried.

Ebay is either totally stress free or a nail biter. Never a happy middle!!


Ness said...

Glad your Ebay stuff arrived. I used to EBay a lot to get dachsie statues, etc. Not so much anymore.

Good those oranges and drink that water.

Kids...can't live with 'em at times, can't live without them. My father's other daughter used to make her kids run laps around the outside of their house when they misbehaved. She said they might as well get healthful exercise while they were servin' the time for the crime. Take care. Ness

Elizabeth said...

It's a conspiracy I tell you!!!

She who said...

Catty Ax Lady,

You've been tagged. Go to my site to find out the instructions.

She who