Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How Did THAT Happen??

I don't really understand it.

Every once in awhile, Big Boss Man will get some kind of burr in his saddle and go on a cleaning spree. This amounts to two things:

1) His space being cleared of all junk/paperwork/clothing/shoes/etc. Notice I said his space. Rarely does he clean any other space, because it's not his mess, and that's fine.

2) My space becomes overloaded with junk/paperwork/clothing/shoes/etc. Notice I said my space.

I suppose it's my fault. I'm the filer in the family, and I want to keep everything that he wants to throw away. So if I don't file it right when it comes in (BAD AxLady!!), then he might get his hands on it and it'll stay on his side of The Bunker for awhile (until I need it, or the burr settles in his saddle). So everything of importance should just be filed right when we get it. This leads me to my next conundrum:

My filing area.

I have two file cabinets. One is a fine metal piece of work with two drawers, and the other is a stunning wood deal with a file drawer and two supply drawers (bonus!!!). I'm not so keen on the metal one, but it serves its purpose and files most of the commonly-used paperwork. The wood one...well...I've had it for years (how can one become emotionally attached to a file cabinet?). Plus, we currently use a kitcheny type of table for our computer desk...his computer on one side, mine on the other, plus a lamp to boot! Note the lack of drawers available on most kitcheny-type tables...this one is no different. So I can't exactly toss the wood cabinet out with the bath water, as I'd lose my only space for extra paper, pens, pencils, one hole punches, three hole punches, stamps, envelopes, finger sticky (so one can sort through files without having to lick their fingers every few pages), and envelopes with every baby tooth ever lost by my children, etc.

I'm at a loss. I'd love a 4 drawer file cabinet (insert angelic voices singing here), but there's no room if I don't crap out the other cabinets, and I just can't bring myself to do it. Someday though, someday soon, the basement will be finished. It will be complete with a family room, bunker/jam room for BBM, laundry room, bathroom (hopefully), and a big AxLady Nook for my very own. Then, I will know the bliss of never having to search for a long lost piece of bank statement, because they will all go into the AxL Nook from the get-go, and that will be the end of it. Maybe I'll even get my 4 drawer file cabinet. And I'll keep my old wood one too!


Lisa said...

*Sigh* Four drawer filing cabinets! I love them, I lurve them, I luff them! When I cleaned out my husband's aunt's place after she died at 98 years old, I had a fling with her filing cabinet. It wasn't wood, but it was an old fashioned heavy metal number and the drawers made a satisfying clunk noise when the drawers slid shut. How I wanted to bring that cabinet home!

But, everything to be kept needed a moving company to transport it, and I could afford the weight of that beauty. I have looked for one ever since. The new ones at the office stores are flimsy and cheap by comparison. I cannot fall in love with one of those, so still I wait!

Ness said...

Good to hear from you. Right now I have an accordion folder that immediate stuff I need to get my hands on in a hurry goes into and a box in my closet for the rest of it. Previous taxes are in manilla envelopes by year and in another box in the closet. As long as I can lay my hands on anything I need in 2 minutes or less, I'm OK with the way it is. Right now my plate is so full I need another one. Take care.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I agree with you....that hot dog jello/bean mold thing is just freaky!

You're not limerickly inclined? I thought being prego was supposed to make a woman extra smart? (I'm laughing over here!)


Patrick Truax said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa! AxL Nook? And where, pray, will this nook be?

True story-before we were married, I mentioned having a bunker for my computer and defense of the property. I was unboxing vital equipment when Axl comes in and starts unloading HER stuff in MY bunker. Momentarily stunned, I finally managed to bleat, "What are you doing?"

"Im moving MY stuff into MY half of the bunker," she with that look that brooked no argument. I have been in a girlified bunker ever since..