Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I've been a wee down in the dumps the past few days. Let me tell you something...I must be having a girl this time 'round, for several different reasons:

1) With my first two children, all I had to do was physically view that plus sign on the stick, and BAM!!! I gained 10 pounds. This time? Lost 4. Yes, that's right, I've actually lost weight since I found out. Crazy.

2) With my first two, I had heartburn pretty much througout the entire freaking pregnancy...horrible heartburn. This time? Can we say nausea?!?!? Holy cow...I've still got the heartburn, but not near as badly as the previous pregnancies, and I've got nausea to go along with it...talk about a magic combination.

3) My. Hormones. Are. Raging. I feel like a freaking crybaby one minute, and an angry, sourpuss, meanie-poopoo-head the next. There's maybe a wee little bit of happy mixed in there, but not much.

So...in order to keep from throwing all these emotions and physical ailments onto you, my lovely readers, day in and day out, I've been avoiding the blog like the plague. This really bothers me, since I've been tagged by someone I don't even know to do something I can't quite remember (it has to do with the nearest book to me), plus tagged by Ness to list 10 wishes, and I can't even get the gumption to do those coupla things without biting someone's head off or bursting into tears (Ness!! Don't ask me to get spiritual in this state of mind!!! I'd be crying for days!). So...bear with me as I find out what being pregnant truly has to offer, since apparently I missed out on a lot of it the first two times.


Lisa said...

I am so sorry you are having a hard time, this time. You know, if men had to do the pregnancy thing, they would be meanie-poopoo-heads not only for the 9 months, but for the 21 years after!!

Maybe the second trimester will be better??

The Park Wife said...

As if your nausea and hormone rages aren't enough, your friend Park Wife has been MIA also. It is all I can to do to post soem days. Sorry, I suck. But, I am back and not so overwhelmed. thanks for the award chicka. I hope you feel better, just a few more weeks of the first trimester, right?
The Park Wife

Ness said...

Bless your heart. (((hugs)))

Pregnancy hormones can be hell!

And don't worry about the 10 thingie list. Poof--it's gone!

I'm not gonna ask you to get spiritual but I have been keeping you in my prayers.

When you feel better, we'll have to get together for your drink/food of choice.

And I will bring a sling shot and some miniature marshmallows and we'll shoot them at guys because if it weren't for them, we wouldn't have to deal with pregnancy hormones.

barefoot gardener said...

Oh, darlin'. Go ahead and throw all that emotional crap out here! It might make you feel better, and I sure as heck don't have anything better to do (like clean house or parent my Sprouts).