Monday, September 23, 2013


This is what I want to tell all the germs that have somehow invaded our household.

Since the school year started, I don't think we've all been well at one time. I'm thinking it's mostly Bean, who's never been in any sort of daycare/school/closed-in-spaces-with-other-kids before, so her immune system isn't used to all these ickies floating around. She's had a cold for awhile, then a tummy bug, then she seemed well enough for about a week, maybe.

Then one morning last week I woke up early with a pain on the right side of my throat. It was so sharp I thought maybe a canker sore way down there or something. After getting the kids up, ready, and dropped off at school, I came home and flopped onto the couch...something wasn't right. I hurt ALL OVER and had the chills. It literally hit me in just a couple hours. So I went off to urgent care and was diagnosed with strep.

So a couple days ago Bean started getting snotty again, and a fever appeared. Another trip to urgent care confirmed strep for her as well!! Now, Papa Tango isn't feeling well either, so I'm really hoping the bugs don't get to him also. I'm about ready to Lysol this entire house.

So we are home for the day, just sort of chillin'. My errands and jobs for the day have been put off until tomorrow (minus laundry, of course). I've got dinner in the crock pot for tonight, although one child has an away football game tonight and will have to eat later. I'm hoping it turns out tasty (most of the reviews are good, but there are a few that said it was bland, so I added some additional spices). Here's what I got cookin:

Cheesy Chicken, Bacon, & Tater Tot Crock Pot Bake

What's on your table tonight? And moms & dads, how do you keep the start-of-the-school-year germs from taking over?