Saturday, February 02, 2008

What a whirlwind!

We are just a ball of activity 'round these parts lately. I just got a phonecall from my OB, and they "booboo'd" with the scheduling and made my first appointment for a day when the OB wouldn't be there. (I'm wondering if they say "booboo'd" to everyone, or just moms-to-be!). So my appointment has been postponed for one week, now on the 16th of February. Disappointing, but I also found out that they do the ultrasounds right there in the office, and I'll have my first one that day! Last time I had a child, you had to schedule the US at a completely different time, and go to the hospital to get it done. My, how times have changed.

We're deperately trying to get our taxes filed today, as long as we have all the forms. I think, of course, that both of us are missing one form for our 401Ks, without which we can't continue. Figures. At least we know for sure they had to be mailed out 2 days ago, and hopefully they will arrive in today's mail. Once we get the totals of our refund, we'll be able to call our contractor friend and start making plans for the basement, which will lead to plans for the baby's new room...YAY!!

I'm also hoping that my first ebay purchase will arrive today. I've been waiting patiently. I was actually an ebay virgin up until now, having looked at some stuff and made an account, but never purchased anything. Well now, since I've gotten rid of all my old maternity clothing (and thank God I did...I can remember some of those fashions, and I don't think they were pretty back then, let alone now). And seeing as this will be my last pregnancy, I don't want to go out and buy all sorts of new clothes, especially with their prices (have you looked at Pea in a Pod's pricing??? Sheesh!). So, ebay has become my new best friend. I've actually won 4 auctions so far, and bid on two more. Only two of them are lots, and if I win this second one, I won't have to buy anything else at all, clotheswise. And since I've never been pregnant in the hot, humid, Missouri summers, I'm actually looking forward to this, as I get to wear all sorts of cute, summery maternity clothing. Maybe I'll look and feel a little less whale-ish this time around, with a polite amount of skin showing. Maybe.

We had the mother of all snowstorms a couple days ago, at least for these parts. I think we got about 8, maybe 9 inches. Again, I'm sure that's a joke for anyone who lives way up north and considers 8 inches a "dusting", but it's pretty good for us. And it's good snow, meaning The Boys have been playing in it almost nonstop since it fell. School was out yesterday, so they got to do all sorts of snowy things outside. I'll stick to inside, thankyouverymuch. The most I've done so far is to shovel a little of the driveway, and to trudge through our snowy backyard to refill our birdfeeder...poor things were starving to death out there.

Well, I'm off to clean house. I also have some paperwork that I brought home from work to finish up...nothing heavy, but I'll feel much better when it's done. I'll be spending some time later on in the afternoon catching up with my blogging friends, which I've been painfully rude to and ignored for the past little while. I apologize, and will rectify the situation later in the day.


Ness said...

We got 8 inches of the white stuff, too, and I was majorly excited, as you'll see on the blog.

Do you sew? If not and you find some patterns you'd like made up, let me know and I would be honored to make them for you.

I have a new quilt installment for you tomorrow(Sunday).

A tip on maternity jeans or shorts...use your regular ones, leave them unzipped and baste or safety pin a stretchy maternity panel(sold at material stores) to either side of the zipper. When you have the baby, you snip the basting threads and voila! You have your regular clothes back.

So excited to hear about the sonogram and due date. Nice to have a blogbaby to look forward to!

Take care.


barefoot gardener said...

Ummm, Catty? Yeah, umm, I was prego during the summer....and I can guarantee that you will feel like a whale. A very hot, sticky, sweaty whale. You will drive your hubby up the wall by standing in front of the air conditioner at all times. You will have fans blowing so hard that F5 tornadoes seem calm by comparison. You will see those skinny little Barbie wanna-be gals who wear underwear for their summer outfits and not only instantly hate them, but consider their wardrobe choices to be aimed at you, personally, in an attempt to ruin your life.

If you do happen to be one of those women who breeze through their pregnancy with glowing good looks and feeling fabulous, I will be forced to hate you for all time.

Just kidding! I hope all goes well and you stay comfy and cute all summer...