Wednesday, February 06, 2008

And another?

So, yesterday I felt just a tad braggy after posting about my rocking the house-ness and winning my first award. Well color me speechless if Ness didn't make (yeah, she made this) another one for me and some other deserving bloggers!!


It seems sort of ridiculous to say that she's a close friend when I've never even met her, but she simply oozes caring, kindness, love, compassion, and understanding...all the merits of a tremendous friend. I hope I can meet her someday. Go on over the her website and check her out. She's even funny too! Bonus!

And now, I get to go make myself ready for the world according to Walgreens. Tonight is my late night (well, my latest night, since my "late night" is only until 9pm if I get out on time). I'm scared to look at the weather channel, because I heard nasty ugly rumors yesterday of snow on its way again. I guess I should check, just so I'll be prepared. But I really don't wanna.


Ness said...

Couldn't go to a better person IMHO. I HAD to make it on Paint because I kept reading on Google that you couldn't use any awards without permission from the originator so OCD me just snagged a clip art and did it on Paint. Of course, it took me over an hour to do. Beginner's luck I'm sure! Didn't want to get arrested for swiping blog daughter already almost covered that issue this week...sigh.

Elizabeth said...

Did I pick the perfect days to take off for vacation or what? Bwahahahahaha!!!!