Sunday, February 03, 2008

Morning songs by Little Linebacker

So...I wander into my bedroom to wake Big Boss Man up for the day, and I lay down next to him and stare at him until he gets up. As we're lying there, we hear singing. Random singing. By Little Linebacker. He's singing the song, where some guy is playing the guitar in a restaurant. Ahhh...I love the influence tv has on my offspring.


Ness said...

How cute about the singing! Maybe we have a future American Idol in our midst.

I'm sorry to have confused you re: quilt. I should never attempt to explain things before coffee. lol

About the applique...basically, I'm fusing the butterfly to the top of the quilt sandwich by iron on bonding material stuff and then by hand I'm going to sew over the edges of the butterfly through the entire quilt sandwich so if you turn the quilt sandwich over, you will see the outline of the butterfly. This does 2 things: 1, it holds all 3 layers of the quilt sandwich together so I won't have to do any quilting later(same as me hand embroidering(it is a word-you were spot on!)the different words on every other quilt sandwich alternating with the butterflies; and 2, it will keep the edges of the butterfly from raveling/fraying when she washes the quilt.

Tune in next Sunday---I'm going to use pics to illustrate the joining of the tops of the sandwiches together by sewing machine and then turning the strip over(each strip will have 12 quilt sandwiches joined together) and using a needle and thread to sew shut each seam on the back.

And when you decide if I'm gonna be an aunt or an uncle, I would be honored to make a baby quilt for the baby and you can either use it as a quilt or as a wall hanging. I need to know what color you're doing the room in so I can coordinate the quilt. It won't take me long to make it. Take care.

Elizabeth said...

An advertising exec's dream come true: hook 'em while they're young!