Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lookie what I've got!!!

Yeah, so I had my first prenatal appointment today, and GUESS WHAT?!?!?

There's a baby in there!


I personally like how she labeled both pictures "baby"...just in case I was in denial, or had no idea what I was looking at, or thought that I was actually capable, as a human woman, of growing stalks of corn or Junior Mints or almonds in my belly.

Okay, so there's only one (thank the sweet Lord above), and everything looks wonderful. My due date was right on, simply because this is a Leap Year (I was actually a day off, but I forgot about Leapy). So September 7th, 2008. If history repeats itself, that'll make it either September 11th (Beanpole was 4 days late), or September 15th (Little Linebacker was 8 days late). Hopefully, however, since nothing about this pregnancy is the same as the previous two, this one will also choose to be early instead of late (like, uhm, as soon as the bun's done baking would be grand).

Oh, and I love my OB. Yes, sadly, this was my first time meeting him, so I'm glad things worked out (normally I see the Nurse Practitioner, whom I would have deliver the baby if it were, like, legal). So he's a really cool guy...older, but not old enough that his jokes really suck or that he makes me uncomfortable. And he's got tons of pictures around his office of his children and family, and he went over absolutely everything with me, without making me feel like I've never done this before (but also knowing that it has been almost 7 years, and that I might not be as "pro" as I'd hoped).

And I swear my pocket calendar says September 7th is Labor Day (how appropriate), but the wall calendar posted in back of my chair here says Labor Day is September 1st. Either day will do, thankyouverymuch.


Patrick Truax said...

You can tell she is mine. Just because.

Ness said...

Welcome Baby Catty Ax!

Just wanted to point out that my anniversary is September 2 so that would make a phenomenal day to have this little one. Just sayin'.

Thanks for sharing the pics.

God made babies so the world can go on.

Ness said...

Catty Ax, I would never leave you quilt update deprived. You will get an exclusive!

Friday evening my downstairs apartment neighbor called. Seems like someone rang her doorbell at 1 a.m. and when she looked out the peephole, she saw the guy standing more towards her next door neighbor's apartment. She recognized him as the guy who lives in the house behind the apartment building. When we rented this apartment, we were given keys to our door and the main front door of the building. Everyone has a key. Therefore, when I take the dachsies out at 10:30 before bed, I have taken to locking both the building doors on the back and front after making sure all apartment dwellers cars are accounted for. The neighbor who called feels better about it and I haven't heard anything from any of the other 4 apartments. I thought the entrance doors should have been locked at night from Day 1. Thanks for your comments...we really do neet to meet up when you are feeling better. Did you get my email with my cell phone #?

The Park Wife said...

Hello peanut, you are beautiful already.Wonderful first portrait.

To mommy, I hope the nausea is getting better.

The Park Wife

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I fyou start growing Junior Mints in your belly, I am TOTALLY hanging out with you. I LOVE Junior Mints!!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I love Jon and Kate Plus 8 - what an amazing show!!

Hallie :)