Friday, November 30, 2007

Frustration and Fear

Well it's Friday, which means that although I have two days off, they really won't be days off at all...just days that I don't go to Walgreens to work.

I come home today to log into my blog and reflect on the day's joys and agonies, only to find that my blog is all messed to heck! Now, I'm an amateur blogger (yeah, it's necessary for me to say that, for those of you who can't tell). When I first created this blog, I couldn't tell a header from a footer or a 3 column blog from a 2 column blog. Then I did some reading, saved a couple "blogging for dummies" pages to my favorites, and actually changed around the look of my blog and got it to a place that I liked...I really liked. In fact, I loved it. And I was confortable with the idea that if I ever logged in one day and didn't love it, I could fairly easily tweak it enough that I'd come to love it again.

Well. Most of those ideas have been completely shot to hell.

Example uno: What the heck happened to my picture??? For awhile, I was borrowing a really cool storm shot from Mike at Extreme Instability. It had a kickin' farm house with one heckuva storm forming around it. It's an awesome picture, which you can see at his website. But I was feeling selfish, and I wanted this blog to be all about me, about my family, for my friends (or future friends), made by me. I'm selfish like that. So I switched the picture to one that I took on our vacation this past summer to New Mexico. I love the picture, and I have it hanging up in our living room. But I really liked seeing it every time I viewed my blog. In fact, I loved it.


Well. Now.

You can see what's there. Or rather, what's not there. About 3 inches of my picture is missing. Granted, the clouds look fairly cool, but for all anyone knows, they could be some grey paint I threw up onto a canvas.

Example dos: My marquee. My beautiful marquee. I spent time trying to figure that marquee out. And I liked it. Even though I had to experiment with color codes, since the ones listed didn't give me the colors they said they would, it was beautiful. It was my beautiful marquee. I liked it. In fact, I loved it.


Well. Now.

It's even more beautiful than ever, and I didn't even do it! I'll admit to not even playing around with the font for the scrolling message of my life...I was only concerned with getting the colors and size right. But then someone...something...somewhere...gets into my account and changes it to something more beautiful than I'd created. So now I feel a twinge of guilt...I have this this selfish, all-about-me blog I'd birthed and finally become happy with...and I liked this hacked-by-someone-I-don't-even-know marquee better. In fact, I loved it.

So after searching long and hard through post after post about formatting issues (uhm, or whatever they're called) in blogger help, I found nothing. Nothing about blogs being hacked into (except some nice Indonesian woman complaining that her wordpad had been shut down for violation of some kind of wordpad code of conduct....ahhh, good times). So I've written to Them. I don't know who They are, but I hope They help me fix my blog. They must be the Blog Gods, and I've done something to royally piss them off. So, I'll make a oath even, to Them:

Blog Gods: I hereby swear that if my picture is returned to my blog without harm, and (since I can't figure out which font I had before The Beautiful Font came my way) if the font type comes to me in a dream tonight, I will change my marquee back to the old, beautiful-but-not-as-beautiful-as-the-Fantasy-font marquee.

And I'll love it.


Oh. 12/1/07 P.S. The Gods didn't really answer my prayer yet. But I discovered that if I take the words out from the picture, it posts the whole thing. With the words, only the top inch. What-evah.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Be happy there are people out there, like myself, that are "blog stupid." I happen to think your blog looks great - the scrolling bar is cool. I have no idea how to make mine all fancy - I think, cuz mines free, that I can't do a lot to it. That's my excuse anyway. :-)


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Btw, you CAN come and live with us AND watch the doxies use their feather dusers AND give the old matress pad a try (that sounds perverted but it's not meant to be!) but you can NOT have a Diet Coke - I MUST draw the line somewhere!


Elizabeth said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of HTML!!!