Thursday, November 08, 2007

First trip North in ages

Tomorrow morning, the boys and I are leaving on our first trip to Minnesota. Yet what am I doing?? Sitting on this darned computer! I have yet to pack. Although I'm pretty proud of the fact that I remembered to buy cheese sticks and juice bags for snacks on the way there. I figure the fewer stops, the better, although I know that bathroom breaks will be plentiful.

So...the site will be post-free for a few days. Granted, we'll only be gone the weekend, but still. I figured I'd let you all know so no one sends a search party or anything.

We've taken some long trips before, but never with me being the only adult (cough cough). I'll be padding the boys down with pillows, blankets, and all the dvd's we own so they can just veg out for most of the trip.

I think I've fixed my SLR. I'm taking it and the digital with us so I can capture the true essence of this maiden voyage on film. Should be interesting, to say the least. I can't wait to get there though, and have a look around. I'm hoping for snow, but it sounds like there've been mostly flurries so far. That would work for me!

So! Everyone say a prayer for a safe journey for us, and say an additional prayer for Big Boss Man, who will be left here to fend for himself. The poor guy will be working all weekend, but still...I'll miss him tremendously.


Elizabeth said...

How I wish that I had spoke to you prior to your departure! I feel it is my duty to impart the most crucial piece of advice that a mother traveling alone on a long car trip will ever need: Never EVER stop for lunch at a Mickey D's with a playplace. Never. EVER. Especially if your children are under 3.

Steph said...

Hey Kelly, Nice Blog hehe, but I like some of the quotes you used because some of them are so true. But I will let you know hopefully sometime this week if vika has a saturday off or at least the night off, so you, me, vika, diana, and viv can have another girls day well keep writing blogs, and I will talk to you later

Elizabeth said...

I trust that you had a safe return?