Sunday, November 25, 2007

The N-Word

God help Big Boss Man, he may actually faint if he reads this post. And he will read this post. So honey, don't freak. Please.

That being forewarned, I'm not sure I ever went through the Nesting stage when I was pregnant. If I did, I don't remember it being this overwhelming need to clean, organize, and generally make ready the house for a new being.

But recently, I've been feeling this need...well, all except for the new being part. What's nesting called when it's not accompanied by an expanding belly, leg cramps, little heartbeats, insatiable sex drive, ultrasounds, lactation, and prenatal appointments? OCD? Life? Have I been missing out all these years?

I can't seem to get this place clean enough. I've talked before about 'Cluttered homes equal cluttered minds'. It's more than that though. If I weren't so danged embarrassed at how bad I've let our home become, I would've posted before and after pictures. But sadly, it was that bad. And it's funny...I say that as though I've gone through the house like a tornado, cleaning and disinfecting...nope, not really.

I just cleaned the bathroom.

You know, the bathroom that's taken the brunt of going from a two bathroom home to a one bathroom home. It's been a rough transition.

Now I've also done the laundry today, and last night, while Big Boss Man was having puppies because his sort of alma mater was kicking bootay in the Big 12 semi-finals, I vacuumed a room that hasn't been vacuumed, I believe, for years. Okay, so that's a complete exaggeration, but you get my drift. It was horrible. It is horrible. But I'm finally getting it done.

So, to reward myself for all my hard work today, I'm sitting in front of the computer catching up on some of my favorite blogs (see "Other Cool Blahgs" located to the left). I'm thinking of making myself some cocoa. I just asked Big Boss Man to go get me some chili from Steak n' Shake...but no...that's just a little too far for him to travel on his day off. And I respect that. I'll just have to go get some for myself. (Does that constitute a craving??) (I love you honey!) (Runs and hides.)


Just a Walk in the Park said...

Hey, too funny! A few months ago I thought I would start a professional organizing business, I have had a couple of clients. It is just hard to fit into my life right now. Plus, my best friend said, "why in the world would you want to organize someone else's house, that is work that you could be doing at your house." Yeah, it does constitute more work, ugh! Good luck on the nesting!

Elizabeth said...

I'd like to state for the record that I had no prior conversation with you before you jockeyed up this post. None whatsoever.
We can now go back to our regular blogging...

Bestill said...

LOL I've been a cleaning machine lately! Tell BBM that the day after that game, I ran to the grocery store and it was mostly college age kids working. A girl from KU had been talking smack for a week about how they were going to win, etc... so they placed a little bet. LOL The boys bought yellow balloons and wrote Mizzou on them in black and tied them to the light in her lane and she had to leave them there her whole shift because she lost the bet. GREAT game!