Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Romance novels and computer screens.

Odd combination, wouldn't you think? Me too. I'll admit it: I love me a good, trashy Harlequin. I am also a computer addict. But who would ever think that these two things could be combined?

Well friends, I've got news for you: I've got a website that lends romanctic real-life tales, but also, fantastic photographs, cute l'il anecdotes, tales of a family farm, and calf nuts. Yes, I said calf nuts.

I'm not one to linger over something. Okay, yes I am. I'm a harper. I'm a nag (no really, go ask Big Boss Man). I annoy. I harrass. I henpeck and carp about many a thing. This is no different. I've become addicted. Addicted to a story, first and foremost - a love story. A love story surrounded by cattle.

Now before you all run away screaming things about crazies and white jackets, let me explain. I came across this website. I don't even remember how at this point, but I did. And I'm glad I did. It's written by a woman with a fantastic view on life. She's got a humor that captures everything good about farm, family, food, love, and again, cattle. And she's a cook...an excellent cook. She makes some cinnamon rolls that most would kill for. And she has kickin' contests with even kickin'er prizes!

Alright. Are you ready to go look at her blog?

Not yet. That's right folks, I have to go on a little more about it. She's writing a story...a story of true love (and not in a "Wove...twue wove" kind of way). It's entitled "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels: A Love Story", and the latest installment tops her homepage. Now I'm going to warn you: go back into her history and read, from Chapter I all the way to where she writes now...you will NOT be disappointed. I don't care if you're not the romantic type. I don't care if you don't have time, or the spaghetti water is boiling over, or your washing machine has become unbalanced and pulled itself away from the wall, or that your leaves need raked. I don't care. Go. Read. Now.

Oh wait, I still haven't given you the website.

The Pioneer Woman

Now that you've seen it, I know you're all saying "But Ax Lady, this link is over in your Blahgs section...why bring even more attention to it?" Well kids, it's because her cinnamon rolls and love stories are good...they're that good.


Karen said...

In addition to her great writing style, photos and recipes (you have GOT to try the roast tenderloin and the pasta with the shrimp . . . MMMMMMMM!) thanks goes out to PW for leading me to yet another great blog - yours!

barefoot gardener said...

OMG! We so need to make a "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" fanclub. I eagerly await each installment, and this last one had me just about swooning!

And I am soooo not a romantic. I am the girl who, when hubby brings home roses, says "that's just ridiculous"!

Catty Ax Lady said...

Aww bfg, I'm the exact opposite. Yet somehow, I managed to fall in love with the most unromantic man on earth...but I still love him tremendously.

Now I'm off to google "BH2TW fan club", as I know there has to be one already, with as many people as hang on her every chapter!

nuns the word said...

Okay the calf nut thing was nasty.

Amy Turn Sharp said...

Yes, LOVE her
She is wonderful