Saturday, December 01, 2007

Jingle All The Way

The ABC Family Channel is having the 25 days of Christmas, which means they're showing nothing but Christmas movies from now until, well, Christmas.

So someone PLEASE tell me why Jingle All The Way (yeah, the one with Arnold Schwarze himself) just made me cry?




There's something SO not right about me.


Mapper said...

Hey. Popped over from Park Wife, been reading and this post actually made me laugh. Not laughing AT you, but with you. Silly stuff makes me cry and I wonder what's up with me. I cry at Star Wars sometimes when my son watches it. Now THAT is wacked! Your post made me smile.

Elizabeth said...

Hormones? ;)
(you can slap me later)

Vid Digger said...

I guess you better avoid my blog, that's if you haven't stopped by after reading my Technorati message. Thanks for responding!

Patriot said...

Haha! I think we've all had those moments!

Just wanted to thank you for coming by and entering my giveaway last week! I host a new giveaway every Monday so feel free to come back often! Thank you again!

Dan said...

You're going to be an absolute blubbering mess by the time Christmas rolls around. As a preventive palliative (gosh, two 'p' words in a row ... big ones too), I suggest following this one up with another Arnold classic: Terminator 2 should suffice.

Ness said...

I'm the one who gave you the Three Cheers on WWOW site who doesn't have a blog--yet. Gulp. I wouldn't know where to begin to start to create one. BTW, I am across the river from you in Belleville and spend a great deal of time every November at Siteman Cancer Center making sure the thyroid cancer is still in remission. I was born in St. Louis at Missouri Baptist in 1954. I love your blog!

Catty Ax Lady said...

Well, Ness, I hope you come back to read this response! Thanks for visiting my blog. :) I was just looking for homes for sale in Belleville last night!

Hon, blogs are easy, and there's tons of folks out there just waiting to help. If you're at all creative, this is a great outlet for it, from organizing and decorating your blog, to writing...well, pretty much anything you feel like writing. Let me know if you start one...I'll help, and I'll visit it.

How long have you been cancer free? My mom is going on 13 years now.

Ness said...

Maybe 2008 will be my year of the blog. Definitely in January. I'm anal retentive enough to have to start it January 1. Hopefully.

I just celebrated my 2nd cancer free year.

What part of Belleville are you looking? I grew up in the West end but live in an apt. in the east end near Carlyle Plaza and the Walgreens store that I am keeping in business! :-)