Saturday, November 17, 2007

Would you like to see something wonderful?

Yet something that's hysterical at the same time? Well here ya go.

What's one of the few things that can get a man (at least my man) to completely forget that he's a grown adult with stresses and responsibilities and deadlines and bills to pay? It's called a Playstation.

Yes, I know. We're behind the times. We're not keeping up with the Joneses. But gosh darn if that game doesn't bring out the youngin' in Big Boss Man. The time that he gets to sit down and play it are few and far between, but I can feel his blood pressure go down when he does.

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Unless, of course, he's playing against Bean Pole in a heated game of NCAA Football 2008. Then, things get ugly.

There's lots of laughing.

There's lots of hollering.

There's lots of stomping.

And there's boobery...much boobery.

Big Boss Man sort of forgets that he's playing against a human being who's thirty-something years younger than he is, and goes all out. Go easy on the boy?? No way, baby. If he's got the git up an' go to challenge, then he better be able to take the fall.

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And of course, I'm talking about Big Boss Man taking the fall. But Bean Pole had more time to practice against Little Linebacker! Yeah, that's it! He knows how to use the controllers better - what buttons do what in this particular game...yeah, that's the ticket!

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I love when he does this...this is quality time, whether it involves a piece of electronics or not. The eyes of all three of them just sparkle when they are done. Plus it keeps The Boys up later, which is only allowed on the weekends.

So, instead of laundry being put away and dishes taken to the sink, they're all stuck in front of the tv like a tongue on a frozen flag pole. The only time they move is when they're jumping up off the couch in protest to the other's play. One sits and gloats, while the other accuses him of cheating. Then, promises of clock-cleanings get handed back and forth. Oathes are spoken..."I'm going to run the score up on you next time!"

Finally, dejected faces appear when Mama Bear comes to take them to bed. Weeping takes place - there are many tears. The sound of defeated footsteps echoes down the hall to the bedroom, as their plan to stay up all night whooping some NCAA bottom is foiled.

Too bad they've all made a pact to arise early to play again before Big Boss Man goes to work.

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Patrick Truax said...

Ill clean both of their clocks next time..