Wednesday, October 05, 2011


I've suffered from migraines for years now. Thankfully, I don't usually experience the nausea that accompanies many migraine headaches. My doctor, who is new to me, has been told about my migraines, but she wanted to treat some other minor health issues I was having first. I plan on bringing the migraines up again at my next follow up appointment.

The reason for telling you this is because I feel a migraine starting. They always start behind my right eye (and yes, I've had my eyes checked several times since the migraines started). Stress is my main trigger, although I've not had much out-of-the-ordinary stress today. I've tracked food triggers as well, but not found any yet.

Please excuse another short-blog day. I'm going to bed soon. But tomorrow is my Friday, so that makes me very happy.

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