Friday, March 07, 2008

We have heat!!!

And more heat, and even more heat. Unfortunately, it's not the kind that comes along with sunshine and newly planted gardens and robins. It's the kind that comes from our furnace, which WILL NOT TURN OFF.

It's actually been happening for a couple weeks now, and when it first started, it would run, then make the loud BOOM like it does when it shuts off (the repair man eventually told me that was completely normal), but there was one problem: it wouldn't shut off. It would continue to run for a few minutes, sometimes doing its BOOM thing several times before actually shutting off.

We should've just called someone in then.

Then it got to the point where it would run constantly, but it would stay the same temperature in our home. Expensive? Probably (we haven't received that electric bill yet), but the repair man also assured me that it was in no way dangerous. Good to know.

Finally (and this is where we called the repair man that told me all the aforementioned things), it came on, stayed on unless we went downstairs and manually turned it off by the main power switch on the furnace, and it does get warm in here. So warm I'd wake up at night sweating (and sorry, I can't blame the pregnancy for that, at least not yet).

So we called and a nice man came out this morning and looked over our furnace (thank goodness Big Boss Man was here, so I didn't get jacked around...does that whole "women don't know what they're talking about when it comes to household things" bit still happen?). Apparently, it'll cost us about 40 bucks to get it fixed...some kind of sequencer needs replaced...simple. They'll order it and bring it back Monday morning to install.

He did mention, however, that really the whole system is just an old POS ready to fail at any moment (I added that last part in, but what else would an old POS system be ready to do??). He also told us that we could get a brand new system (furnace, vents, etc, the whole shebang) for the bargain price of $4000! Well color me happy, let me just get my checkbook! I guess that really is a great price for a whole new deal, but if I had that kind of money laying around, I probably would've called him to replace the thing already...not waited until he suggested it.


So, it's finally the weekend, and am I glad it's here! BBM got a new schedule this month, which sucks because it has him working weekends, which sucks because this Sunday is not only his birthday, but Little Linebacker's birthday as well! I'm hoping he can work his "I'm on OT" magic and get off at least tomorrow night, but I've gotten no word from him yet. Here's hopin'!!

I also got word that the other Senior Certified Pharmacy Technician at work is leaving! Gave his two weeks notice yesterday. This means, with somewhat certainty, that I will get my pick of shifts when the time comes. See, my pharmacy manager, pharmacist, and another snior tech are all transferring to that store I told you about before (best friend leaving - WAAAAAAH!!). That leaves me and this other guy...he's the one who just gave his two weeks yesterday. So this is grand, since eventually our Junior Mint will come out of my belly, and having more day shifts (or earlier day shifts) will help tremendously with the whole babysitter thing. So yippee for that!

And finally...just about the best news of all, Heather (the best friend) had her baby!!!!! She had a beautiful baby boy this afternoon, and both mom and baby are doing tremendously. Hopefully (after having been up all night last night), she will be up for visitors tomorrow morning and I'll be able to go see the little one.


Lisa said...

My, my, you've been busy! I bet if you looked under the sofa cushions, you'd find the $4000 you need for a new furnace! :P

Congrats an being the senior person left at work! Should be some plum schedule pickin's coming your way.

But now, the really important stuff! Tell me what kind of seeds you are ordering today??? I am overrun with different heirloom tomato varieties! Yesterday, I repotted 20 each of Thai Pink Egg and Roma Rio Grande. That's too many, but they all sprouted!!

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Frickin' Blogger!! Arg!

Ness said...

It's always something breaking down, isn't it? Aargh!!! I'm glad it is going to work out for you to get better shifts with the bambino arriving. I almost have that 2nd Celtic symbol done and I will post both of them on my blog since it's been awhile that I've gagged people with my quilt posts! lol Still holding you to getting together when it's convenient for you. Think we're heading over to the Irish Parade this Saturday in St. Louis. Take care.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You have panties with candy on them? How cool!

I have a thong that says WISH YOU WERE HERE.... does that make me cool, too? :)


Patrick Truax said...

You left out the price of the whole replacement-4000K..