Friday, March 28, 2008

Real and fake.

That's what we've had here for the past week...real issues and fake issues. If you're of the praying kind, lift one up for the real issues. The fake ones...not so much.

Let's see...the first thing I remember happening is a real one. A few weeks ago (maybe not that long, I can't remember), Big Boss Man had to break into the house because I was a couple hours away with one set of keys, and the other set was, well, inside the house. So he found a security risk and breached it, knocking over some of my jewelry in the process. I can't remember if it was light or dark at that time, since it was evening, but he picked it up and thought he got most of it.

Fast forward to last week when I'm looking for a necklace that is very, very dear to my heart. It was given to me by my mother the Christmas I was pregnant with Beanpole. So I've had it for over 9 years, and aside from my engagement ring, is the only piece of gold jewelry I'll ever wear. I went to put it on, and it's gone. GONE. I always keep it on top of my jewelry box, as I usually wear it often enough that hanging it up with the mess that is the rest of my necklaces just takes too much time. I looked high and low, near and far, and even went so far as to search outside that window on the ground below it. But it has been raining for what, 3 freakin weaks straight now? So the ground is really muddy and puddly out there, but still, I thought I'd be able to see it if it were out there.

Nothing. I can't find it anywhere.

So if I could get a thought or prayer that I find it, say, in my freezer or something, that would be wonderful. I don't know what I'll do if I can't find it.


How about a fake one now? I'm pregnant. I think most of my readers know that either by being related to me in some way, or by all the little gadgets I have hung up all over the blog with babies wrapped in leaves or floating around in non-lifelike-looking uteruses (uteri?). Anywho, it's been awhile since I've been 7 years awhile. And I'll admit to not remembering how it all pans out. Much of it, I do remember, but not all. For example, I don't remember going to the bathroom every 15 minutes this early into the pregnancy. But I do. or at least I feel like I do. And after awhile, I started to wonder if it wasn't something else. So I called my OB, and the nurse I spoke with told me that it almost sounds like the very early stages of a UTI. Urinary tract infection. Anyone that's had one knows that they're nothing to wait on, and they're nothing to screw around with when you're pregnant. So I made the appointment.

Turns out (and I'm sure you're all dying to know this) that my pee is just fine, thankyouverymuch. She said it's probably just that my uterus is getting bigger now, but not big enough to fully spill over my bladder and pubic bone (lovely mental image, I know), making me feel the need to pee all the time. It shall pass. Give thanks for fake issues.


Third and final issue? Dexter, the Attack Cat. This past Monday (?) he got into a fight with one of our neighbor's cats. BBM was home and checked him over for any obvious scratches, wounds, missing tufts of fur, etc. He found nothing. However, this Wednesday when I got off work, I arrived home to children Dexter. I called for him around the house, searched in closets, under beds, even in That Dexter. I called for him outside, repeatedly, shook his treat bag, repeatedly, called for him again, Dexter. BBM was out of town, so I emailed him, hoping that having him know what was going on would somehow calm my nerves. Around 10:30pm, I'm sitting in The Bunker, and I see Dexter walk in front of the door, heading from our bedroom in the direction of the living room. I cried, I was so happy to find him, but it was obvious something was wrong. He was moving very slowly, favoring one of his hind legs. By the time I got out to the living room, he'd made it up onto the back of the couch, which made me happy, but he was still not himself. He purred when I petted him though. So I picked him up and carried him back to the bedroom, made him his own little "bowl of blankets" that he could lay in, and he meowed, annoyed, when I supported his hind legs with my hands. I had no idea what was wrong with him.

He slept in that spot all night long, very unlike him, but finally got up the next morning after I got out of bed for work. He ate a little and layed on the floor, still moving too slowly. When I left for work, I layed him back in his blanket bowl, and BBM said he was still there (and remained there) when he got home from his trip.

We finally took him to the vet this evening, and it turns out that he had an abcess on one of his hind legs. The vet said the kind of wound it was usually happens by one cat biting while the other is running away. So our little Dexter got shaved, his wound "extended" (I don't really know, so don't ask), drained, and given a couple of antibiotic injections, along with a 10 days supply of pill antibiotics to be given at home. The poor thing howled the whole way there and the whole way home, but is in good spirits otherwise. Still not moving around much, but I can't imagine that I'd want to either after being through all that.


So it's been a full week, and not for good reasons. I'd hoped to get a grand start on my list of things to do. However, sometime today, I lost that list. That was my Master stayed in my smock pocket all day, as I think of things that need done when I can't do them. Have you ever lost your Master List? It's horrifying. Yes, I could start a new list, but how will I ever know for sure that I've remembered everything on the Master List? I won't know for sure, and it will slowly drive me if my chidren don't do that enough!!

****Author's edit #1: Another happening! Jacob lost another tooth last night! He's got two more that are loose, so if he's not careful, he'll soon have more empty spots than teeth!!****

****Author's edit #2: I've found the Master List!! w00t w00t!!! Now I have things to occupy The Boys with today (aside from the chores they already knew about!).****


Lisa said...

Oh, Kel! What a week! I'm so sorry that all these things (big and small) have happened all at once!

I do hope you find your necklace and your Master List. I'm sure Dexter will be fine and maybe will behave himself a bit for awhile!

Ander-so-on-buttons said...

I just discovered your blog. Sounds like a tough week.

I once broke into your house when we were locked out. That was kind of a fun memory.

I lost my wedding ring for 1 1/2 years. I finally found it around the neck of my cologne bottle which sits on top of my dresser right above my sock drawer. (obviously I don't wear it often!)

I hope your necklace turns up too.

Ness said...

Girlfriend, I was about to make a roadtrip to Florissant as I called to check on you after you posted on my blog to call if I needed you(I didn't but when you said you would be up all night anyway I got scared) and you didn't answer so I left a message. So glad to come home from St. Louis and find your post. Man, what a week you had! Prayers for Dexter to feel better and at Mass tomorrow I will pray to St. Anthony(I think--gotta check that out) who is the patron saint of lost items and that necklace will be found! Roger found a desk at St. Vincent de Paul on Forest Park Parkway so we just hauled it up 4 flights of steps and I didn't know which one of us was going to be able to call 911 for the other one. Take care and call me if you need anything.

Yeah for finding the Master List! I make those at holidays and anytime I need to do a bunch of stuff(I used to have a brain to remember such things but that's out the window)and I would be horrified if I lost it. Where did you find it? Jacob's just getting all his teeth out of the way so he doesn't do it at the same time JM will be