Monday, March 17, 2008

Been awhile, hasn't it?!?!?

Yes, quite awhile since I posted about...


So, without further ado, let me link you to a cool website with an even cooler giveaway. I'm going to make you click to see what the prize is, instead of telling you here. Give her traffic, people, give her traffic!!!

Old Red Barn Co.

So take a moment to go on over. Enter if you wish, or just take a gander around her site.

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Ness said...

Wow-what a beeyoutiful quilt! I mentioned that I saw it on your site so hopefully you get some additional entries. You're a sweetheart...I knew you'd get my script filled in record time. We finally got it about 4 hours later and they cheated us out of a pill! This wouldn't be amazing except we had to go back on Saturday cause they cheated Roger out of 8 Methotrexate tabs! They said it was the auto counter's fault. Think they'd better get it checked out! How are you feeling? When's the next Dr. trip?