Sunday, March 02, 2008

I have to admit it.

My younger son didn't want to play the new video game because he kept saying his guitar was broken...the red button. So, I took that opportunity to play the game, just to prove that it's not really broken, but that it won't do what it's supposed to if you don't hit it just at the right time. And I have a confession to make:

The game was a BLAST to play!!!

I can see why kids (and adult) are so addicted to it. It has some kickin' music on it (although every time I've gotten in the van since purchasing this game, I've heard at least one of the songs from it on the radio - UGH). Plus, Little Linebacker eats, sleeps and poops all while singing one specific song from the game (I'll save you all from the earworm by not telling you which can thank me later).

I also want to share something else with you. Since I completely dogged Big Boss Man a few days ago about his filing/housekeeping skills, I figured I'd give him props in this post. Yesterday, he had to work in the morning, just for a few hours, to test someone he'd been training for awhile now. So I'm whittling away at the mess while he's gone, but it wasn't near done when he got home, and he had friends coming over, as they do most Saturday afternoons, to jam for awhile...and our home, while "lived in", was nowhere near presentable for guests. So...

He. Helped. Me. Clean. Up.

And he did a damn good job too. And since we both worked at it, the most important rooms got done, and by actually keeping on top of things (and constant reminders to The Boys), it's actually stayed presentable. Granted, it hasn't been more than 24 hours yet, but still...this is extreme improvement. AND...every speck of clothing The Boys have except the clothes on their backs is either clean or in the washer or dryer right now!! This next week promises go-throughs of their closet to see what does and does not fit them anymore, and probably (and I use that word with hope) pack up most of their winter clothes (in easy-access totes, of course, since we're expecting snow tomorrow, after our 75 degree day today).

Ahhh...a productive weekend. It's so wondrous! And to think - I'm 13 weeks today, so 27 more weekends (give or take) to get everything else done!


Ness said...

Just got to catch up on your blog as the daughters just left. I think I'm up to negative 100 spoons. Plus my %^&*(*(* Dr. didn't call in my Ambien CR renewal on Friday so I haven't slept since Thursday night. Walgreens suggested I try Benadryl tonight so we will see. Sounds like you had a productive weekend. Don't overdo! I will send you a pic of the latest quilt square tomorrow night when I finish it. I am now embroidering Celtic symbols on the butterfly squares.

Lisa said...

Oh no! You are crossing over to the dark side!!