Sunday, March 16, 2008

Someone be honest with me, please.

Is there an online site that's like, I don't know, sewing for dummies? I have a machine, I couldn't even tell you what kind it is. Someone gave it to me (which is odd since, I. don't. sew.), and I was going to either ebay it or donate it. However, I've recently become inspired by some blogs (namely Cynthia, Lisa, and Penny) that I'm actually considering lugging the old heavy thing out and trying to learn to do...something...on it (besides using it for a clothes rack, like the treadmill that we haven't gotten rid of yet). However, I don't have the time or money, really, to take a sewing class somewhere. My mom said she'd teach me, which will work, but I don't get over there as often as I'd like either.

So...I need a site...any site. I mean, one can find anything online, right? So maybe I should google "" or something like that. I've found lots of sights that have patterns for stuff, but none that tell me actually {blush} how to thread a machine.

I guess that's my new purpose in find a site that will make me go from a sewing-know-nothing to a sewing-know-it-all. And you're along for the ride! How exciting!

****Author's Edit: I actually hauled the thing out of my basement and dusted it off. It's a Singer Touch Tronic 2001 machine, and Singer wants $15 for a replacement manual!!! So I'd better sell something on ebay before I go spending money on this. Darn it!****

****Author's Edit #2: I'm a complete moron. I was downstairs flipping some laundry around, and discovered a box o' stuff that was gifted to me by the same woman that gave me the sewing machine. Lo and behold! The owner's manual, along with all kinds of stuff I didn't remember a sewing machine needed (like the speed controller...yeah, I'm a moron), plus a bunch of fabric that I'll have to go through tomorrow and wash and organize. Now I'm really excited!!****


barefoot gardener said...

K, I don't know anything about websites that will help you, but I do know that the Reader's Digest Complete Book to Sewing has saved my life.

I found my copy at the thrift store for about $1, and I am sure there are plenty of them out there. It has all the super-basic stuff about sewing machines (especially if you have an older one) and how to use them. It breaks everything down into really easy babysteps.

Good Luck, babe!

Catty Ax Lady said...

Oooh, I do have an oder one (I actually took my tush donstairs to see what kind she gave me)'s an older model Singer. I'm going to try to find the owner's manual online too, although I don't know the model. Hopefully they'll have pictures of each model and I can find it.

Lisa said...

Woohoo! A new sewing buddy! Repeat after me. "I will be patient as I learn how to thread this darn thing." This is the most frustrating thing for a new sewer, threading the machine. Take your time, look at he pictures in the manual, and if Mom is close by, ask her to check it out.

Once you get going, you will be inspired. Especially with a new baby coming!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Sewing? What's that? Aren't you just supposed to throw a shirt away when a button falls off? Or use tape to hem something?

Sewing? Really? Is that something new?

Hallie :)

Elizabeth said...

I'll be totally honest with you.
I can barely mend an open seam. Barely.
You're on your own, kid. ;)

Ness said...

Name your day and time and I will come over and introduce you to the wonderful world of sewing. Once you learn to thread it and wind the bobbin, it's a cake walk. For starters, though, grab a piece of notebook paper from one of your kids, don't thread the needle and just practice making needle holes along the lines of the paper. On the metal plate you will see lines for various widths. The most common is 5/8 which is what most seam allowances are. Practice guiding the right edge of the paper along that 5/8s line and it will help you learn to sew straight. I started out on a Touch and Sew circa 1968 and I have a Singer now. We'll make you a maternity top for your first adventure.

Penny said...

Yay! Soon enough you will be waking up at 2 am only to find your self still in your sewing room at 4 am sewing something up that you!