Monday, March 19, 2012

Movie Mania!

Do you have any movie lovers in your household? Patrick sometimes often makes fun of me because I watch the same movies over and over again. I enjoy your typical chick flicks (Hope Floats, You've Got Mail), comedies (Mrs. Doubtfire, My Big Fat Greek Wedding), dramas (Dangerous Minds, Invincible {although the language gets a little old}), classics (Little Women, Lilies of the Field), kids movies (Cars, Ratatouille), and even some action flicks (Speed, Top Gun {and again, language!}).

I seem to go in phases. I'll get in a groove with a movie or two, and I'll watch it once a day for a few days at least. There was a time that I watched The Blind Side daily for, well, a long time...I'm not even sure how long. In my defense, (and this is a horrible habit), more often than not I'm doing something else while the movie is in reality, I hear more movies than I watch.

My most recent movie loves will totally please my husband. The Adventures of TinTin (we are actually watching that right now) is amazing. The facial expressions and movements of the characters are so lifelike it's unreal. My second most-watched flick of late is Sherlock Holmes because, well, because Robert Downey Jr., much like Sidney Poitier, is always a good idea. Both of these movies were my husband's choices. He grew up reading TinTin. And I'm not sure why he likes Sherlock Holmes so much, but he's super excited about the second one being released in April.

What are your favorite movies?

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