Monday, March 12, 2012

Mama FAIL Day

UGH! I absolutely DISPISE days like today. What started out as a good morning, for no reason at all, turned into a sour attitude and exhaustion.

I've been tired the past few days. Between the visit from Grandpa Terry, a late night trip to the ER for what turned out to be a "pretty serious" bladder infection for me (that I was unaware of until that night), and the time change (I love spring, but really miss that hour of sleep!), I've been one tired lady. My alarm clock seems to go off earlier and earlier every morning.

I basically got nothing done today, which added to my sour grapes. I did make a menu and grocery shop, but I spent more money than I'd planned and the baby got chocolate doughnut all over her (when she goes with me, we get a doughnut for her from the bakery...not a good habit, but she just squeals with delight when she gets it). I hadn't brought the wipes with me, so I had to cut our errands short because she was so messy and I didn't want her to get it all over the electronics in Office Max. So my lack of planning just ate away at the remainder of the "good" hopes for the day.

Now I'm letting Jacob play the game, Gina is downstairs with him, and I'm giving myself some "Chill out, mama!" time before I start dinner. Lazy? I guess so. I'm watching Sidney Poitier in Lilies of the Field, because Sidney Poitier is always a good idea, and I'm hoping just a little of Mother Maria's faith and gratefulness for everything the Lord gives her will rub off on me today.

On a somewhat related note: do you shop with coupons? How do you control your grocery budget with a bunch of growing kids that could eat you out of house and home and still be hungry? Sales? Aldi's? Are you an extreme couponer or just buy what you'd normally buy, but use coupons when you can find them? I need help, but without extreme couponing...I tried it once and just can't wrap my brain around it without adding some really unnecessary stress. Suggestions?

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