Friday, March 09, 2012

Long Weekend!

Yes, yes, I know you're jealous :) I have a five day weekend that started yesterday! My father-in-law is in town to visit, so I took a couple vacation days to spend time with him (sadly, his wife had obligation at home and could not make the trip this time). We went out to dinner last night to Applebee's. Awesomeness, but WOW! Fat-laden and sodium-heavy dinner! But as I said in my intro, I'm not traveling the deprivation route, because I. WILL. FAIL. I've tried before. So the hubs and I got the two for $20 deal. Our app, while absolutely delicious, was the worst part of the meal (spinach and artichoke dip). That was Patrick's choice, so I only had a few chips and a bit of dip. For the meal, we both had the 7 oz. sirloin with garlic mashed potatoes. Oh, it was just a little piece of Heaven right there on our plates! I was careful earlier in the day to watch what went into my mouth very closely, and to eat foods that were low in calories but satisfying and filling.

So the reason for my father-in-law's visit is that today, March 9th, is not only my wonderful husband's birthday, but our younger son's birthday as well!

How blessed am I to have Patrick as my husband, his face to wake up to every morning, his humor to brighten my days, his music to fill my ears, his wink to me from on stage ;) And Jacob? How could he have come into our lives 11 years ago?? He's our numbers or football stats, dates in history...his mind is like a steel trap! (He definitely got that from his dad!) So always, but especially today, I give great thanks to God for giving me the chance to spend my short time on earth with these two guys!

I'm not sure what we have planned for today besides some errands. We were discussing some of our favorite movies at dinner last night and discovered that Patrick's dad hasn't seen quite a few of our faves. So we may just order fish in tonight and chill in front of the tube, then finish off the evening with cake and ice cream. Happy Friday to everyone!

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