Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Why, SWELLO there!!

Get it? Hello? Swell?

Well, that's what I'm busy doing. I'm swelling. Extraordinarily. Like a balloon being blown up slowly. That's me. A balloon.

And I actually don't mean my belly. I mean, that's swelling too, but it's gradual, ya know, like over the last 8 months. But my ankles? Gone. Monkey toes? They're now more like what the baby's toes are going to look like when she's born...chubby, can-barely-curl-them toes. It's great. Really. It wonderful.

I called my OB about it...you know, the whole preeclampsia thing is fairly scary. She said that I don't have any history of protein in my urine (sorry), my blood pressure is better than hers (her words, not mine), I've got no sudden headaches or pains or anything, and that the 106 degree temps probably aren't helping a whole lot either. That, and standing for 8 hours a day, minus a half hour lunch squat. All in all, she said unless I begin to experience swelling that doesn't at least go down during the night, or any of the other numerous symptoms we discussed, then it's probably just...swelling. Lovely. I never had this with the boys. The fact that they were both winter babies might have something to do with that, but still.

So, other than that, not a whole heckuva lot's happening 'round these parts. We had our contractor come out to take a gander at the bathrooms for a bid, but he's on vacation now with his wife. He said he'd try to get the bid to us before they left, but I guess that wasn't possible. And he only came here 2 days before they were leaving, so it's to be expected. I'm just hoping that LMJM holds off until her room is finished, even though she'll be sleeping in our room for the first little while anyway.

Speaking of LMJM, she's dropped. Now I get to pee 14 bazillion times a day, instead of only 7 bazillion. She's got difinite sleeping/waking patterns, but she's a very movey baby. I think she's going to be a boxer, personally, but what mother doesn't think that about her unborn lightweight champion whilst they're punching her right in the bladder? Really.

I'm 35 weeks and 2 days now...I go for my 36 week appointment this Saturday morning, and I'll have weeklies from here on out...that means it's close! Big Boss Man has a "feeling" that we won't be making it until September 7th. I could only wish, but really...seeing as The Boys were 4 and 8 days late, I'm not getting my hopes up. And since her room is still an office, we don't have her dresser upstairs yet, which means all the newborn clothes (and believe me, there are a lot of them) are in boxes on the floor of my bedroom. We're down to the wire now, and as much as I hate being last minute, I hate being unprepared even more. About the only thing in my control right now is my hospital bag, which I'm packing today after laundry gets done, and the amount of gas in our van's gas tank...don't want to have to stop at Quik Trip on the way to the hospital. I mean, they made a movie about a baby born in the WalMart which was a great movie...but born at the gas pump? Not me, folks. So the tank is full...and at least (knock on wood) the gas gods are helping me out a little...we're down to $3.59!!!

The Boys start school in less than a week! I can't believe it! We've got open house this Thursday, which I was actually able to move my work schedule around to go to! They've missed it every year they've been in school so far, because I've always had to work. Not this year, kids! We're going! So we'll get to meet their teachers ahead of time, and I think they can take their school supplies early too. This way, their backpacks can be used for their true purpose on the first day...FASHION STATEMENT, of course!! I'm excited for them to be going back, but not for my sake, for once! I mean, it'll be nice to have Tuesdays to myself to get stuff done, and Thursday mornings as well. However, they are S.O. B.O.R.E.D. here. I mean it's hotter than haites, so going outside is almost out of the question, unless they're playing in the hose (and even that's only cool for so long). And inside, it's a constant struggle over the video game or the tv. One can only watch so much SpongeBoob...er...I mean SpongeBob.

So now, I'm going to take a nap...or at least lie down for awhile. You know, feet up on a pillow sort of thing. The kids are watching a show on tv that they dvr'd. After my that, I have some laundry calling my name. At least I can sit while I fold that.

Times almost up!!!


Elizabeth said...

Oooh, I so feel your pain. I hope this thunderstorm that's pushing through eases the heat for you. Have you taken a cool shower in the last couple of days?

And just so you know... I'm sure the local QT will give you guys free gas for life if you make them famous by giving birth at their pump. Think of the free publicity!! I'm just saying.

Ness said...

Make sure and give your husband my cell phone number so I can hear the details of LMJM when she makes her debut! I figure you'll go 6 days over which is the average of both of your sons' days over. But September 2-my 13th anniversary-would also be a great day. Just sayin'.

Catty Ax Lady said...

Well we were discussing it this afternoon, and since Little Linebacker was born on BBM's birthday, he said "Maybe she'll be born on Mike's birthday" (Mike is BBM's brother). I think he said his birthday is the 22nd, but of course I can't find my birthday calendar to confirm. I'd be happy with that.

Ness, I'll have to hunt you down if she's 6 days overdue!! :) And if history repeats, I'll be the one making the calls...I'm all good after delivery. But that's only if history repeats.

mommyof2 said...

August 31st would be a good day too. Katie would love to have her new little cousin born on her birthday.

Lisa said...

I'm not even going to hazard a guess about when LMJM will arrive. Babies seem to want to make their appearance a surprise, anyway!

I prescribe bags of ice for your feet and ice cream in your mouth to reduce swelling (in your feet.) It won't do much to reduce the swelling in your belly, but hey, it feels good and tastes great!

White Hot Magik said...

Oh I remember the swelling with my first during those last few weeks. He was September 17th baby and no I don't want LMJM born on that day, I like you. So please put your feet up and relax.

Lisa said...

Dum, duh dum duh ~~~~~~~~ 30 days and counting!! Better you than me, but I'm still excited!!