Saturday, August 16, 2008

A little surprising!

I know, I's shock and awe, all the way around the board. I've now posted three times in the past few days! No more month-long hiatus between drive-by postings! You're amazed...I can feel it.

This is actually going to be a quickie, because I'm hoppin' and boppin' today. But I was looking through my early afternoon blogroll, and spotted this keeper by none other than Pioneer Woman (who I, quite honestly, took a short break from earlier...for no good reason other than I didn't like her new layout. Now that I'm used to it, I'm back to reading her as often as my other blogs. I'm sure she's pleased).

Anywho...this post isn't really by P-Dub's a guest blog by Pastor Ryan. I don't know the story behind him, if he's really a pastor or not. However, I know he has a tattoo on his right arm, and that makes him okay in my eyes. Plus he likes lasagna...he likes lots and lots of lasagna...and there's nothing wrong with that.

Delicious Mexican Lasagna

Now I've got to admit, I thought about renting my garments when I first saw the picture of this dish. But after asking BBM if it sounded good to him (Mr. Picky) and he said yes, I was forced to actually look at the ingredients. And to my amazement, it actually does sound good! It sounds really good. Maybe it would even get my kids to eat rice!


Elizabeth said...

What is it with you and food??!! Oh, yeah.. that pregnancy thing. I heard about your peanut butter and raisin sandwich earlier... ;)

Catty Ax Lady said...

Yes, thankyouverymuch. BBM and I discussed this...I haven't been your semi-typical waking-up-at-3am-asking-dear-sweet-husband-to-drive-to-the-nearest-Taco-Bell-for-2-crunchy-tacos-no-lettuce-and-a-beef-chalupa kind of pregnant wife. So the least he can do is deal with it when I have a piece of peanut butter bread with raisins on it for lunch. Thanks for sticking up for me!! ;)

Lisa said...

I saw PW's post too and thought it looked good. Haven't tried it though since I have lots of Mexican taco casserole type things. But what i really want to say is...

Your kids don't eat rice?!?!? They'd never make it in my family! I'm from Hawaii and growing up, we even had rice for breakfast with eggs!

White Hot Magik said...

Okay somehow I clicked on that link and now am in PW, Marlboro Man story mode. Just for the record I don't even like lasagna.

Less than a month left, I don't envy the swelling sister.