Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ladies and Gents, I have an announcement...

*GRIN* Don't you love the catchy titles I'm finding that could mean I've given birth, but I'm not really using them that way??? I'm sure you love it that I'm doing that...I'm sure you do.

But I really do have news! As of this morning, barring any earlier baby-arrival, I'm scheduled to be induced on September 2nd!! Later than we'd hoped, as no one seemed to think I would even make it this far. But this baby is proving to be like every other child of mine, stubborn and on her schedule :) So...there are 4 morning slots on that day, and I've got the 4th one. I don't know how long it takes to have a baby by induction...God help me if I don't give birth until September 3rd (yikes)...but it looks like around that time is the time!

We'll be busy tonight, discussing whether or not to send the boys to school that day, then pick them up when we get the phone call from the hospital saying "time to come in". I went today and returned/exchanged all things newborn-like (or at least the smallish newborn ones), and ran a few other errands, hoping to walk this baby out of me. Nothing yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

As for the sewing, I've not gotten on the machine again. But I truly have good reason...I've got no material to work with!! I will go this weekend (again, barring any baby-arrivals) to goodwill and buy some cheap sheets to do some practicing with (thanks for the advice, Lisa!!!), that way any boredom I experience once we're home and settled can be thwarted by the machine. I'm sure the gentle hum will provide some white noise for the baby as well.

Oh, and I swear to either find my usb cord or to purchase another one by the time LMJM gets here...no way am I going to miss out on sharing her and the rest of the family!!!

**********AUTHOR'S EDIT: I *found* the usb cord!! I sincerely apologize for implying that I thought any one of you, my fine readers, had crept into my home and snatched it from my possession. Prepare for a barrage of pictures, since I can't even remember what's on that camera worth sharing.

**********AUTHOR'S EDIT #2: I got the most awesome stuff from a longtime friend, known to the blogworld as Falcor. She got LMJM some really awesome stuff, and although I thought the bassi sheet I received from her a few days ago was the last of the absolute *needs*, I was wrong...today I opened a box that included, among other wonders, hooded bath towels! And that's it folks...we're completely prepared. LMJM can make her long-awaited appearance ANY TIME NOW.


Lisa said...

Whoo hoo on having a date! How exciting! My oldest was supposed to be born around the middle of August, but was too lazy to show up until August 29. When I got home with her, i finally realized that i had NO shirts that buttoned in the front! How did that happen?? So Studly and I and the big bundle when shopping... on Labor Day...at the mall! What a zoo!

Going to Vegas on Thursday to help oldest celebrate her birthday! Don't have the baby until you get a new usb cord!!

Ness said...

Our anniversary is September 2! Yeah for that date!

Tell LMJM there's an extra present for her if she can appear on the 2nd!

Take care and enjoy your last days of pregnancy. You and LMJM are in my prayers. Make sure I get a phone call after she arrives!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

YEAH FOR BABY DATE!!! Bring that little miss Junior Mint on!!

Hallie :)

barefoot gardener said...

Woo-hoo! The baby's coming, the baby's coming....yee-haw!

Umm, just an aside, induced labor usually goes pretty quick. Once they get you hooked up, they usually want to get things moving along quite quickly.

Could you do me a favor? When you have some time after the arrival of LMJM, could you do a compare/contrast of uninduced labor vs induced? I have never done it the "normal" way, and am so curious to hear from someone who has done both.

Hope everything goes wonderfully!

Lisa said...

Hey, sweetie, I've got something for you over at my blog, when you feel up to it!

Patty said...

I know your happy that your little one will be arriving soon. I was induced with my duaghter who is now 23 and it took me almost 8 hours to have her once they started the drugs...She was my second, but I had a long long labor with the oldest so a lot may depend on how quick your other children arrived. Best wishes to you.