Thursday, August 28, 2008

My last prenatal appointment

Well, it's almost here!! In a little over an hour, I have my last prenatal appointment, ever. Should I take a picture as I go in the door or something? As much as I'm W.A.I.T.I.N.G. for this to be done, I'm sad about it too. Maybe I'll go in today and he'll tell me "Uhm, whoah! You're dilated to 5 centimeters...don't you feel those contractions?!?"

Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Other than that, I've got errands to run today...more of them. Well really, I just need to go to Babies R Us, because I found some old gift cards that I *think* will give us enough to buy the last big thing we need to get...we have one, but it's old and I can't figure it out and it will be safer to get a new one. We were going to buy it tomorrow, but I'll go today with the gift cards and purchase it. I also have some forms to fax off to work, and I have to call disability, because:

Yesterday was my last official day at work!!! W00t w00t!! So that must be done today so my pay won't get screwed up (hopefully). I've heard horror stories, so think good payroll thoughts for me, 'kay?

I also need to call The Boys' school and explain to them what'll be happening next Tuesday, and see if their teachers might have some extra worksheets or something to send home with them that help occupy their time at the hospital. I'm also going to print out some coloring pages or puzzle pages I think, and have those packed with some crayons and colored pencils and plain paper. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated! And thankfully, I'm not worried about snacks, because this hospital *rocks* as far as keeping family members happy's like being in a hotel...they are there for no other reason than the patient and their's refreshing, actually.

I think the rest of the stuff is home stuff to do...laundry (but no baby items...those are ALL. DONE), and that includes clothing and sheets, tidying up the living room/hall/kitchen, and vacuuming. This sounds like a lot, doesn't it? Well, first, I don't want LMJM coming home to an untidy house. Second, it'll feel so much better if I get it done now, then the upkeep will be easier once we come home. Third, I'm trying to go into labor here, people!!! But I promise to go easy and not do anything that makes me feel icky. Pinky swear.

*********AUTHOR'S EDIT: I haven't posted about a giveaway in awhile, but my morning blogroll found me staring this one straight in the face over at Around the Quilt Block. What an adorable bag!! Plus there's chocolate...and fabric (which I have a serious lack of). Check it out!

*********AUTHOR'S EDIT #2: Let me pose a question for all you etsyers out there. I found a fantastical book at the library this afternoon with patterns for some kitchen accessories...stuff that's probably way out of my league, since I was recently excited for a straight line; however, I looked through the book and although it says "no portion of the publication can be reproduced or transmitted", it doesn't mention anything about making things off the patterns and selling them. What's protocol on this? What if I make the cutsie-wootsie things, but change something slightly about the pattern? What if I don't change anything, sew it as is, but link to the author/book when trying to sell it? I've got no clue how to proceed.


Ness said...

Yes I can get pics on my cell phone. I must be tired...I have to reread your latest and see what the item is that you're buying.

Catty Ax Lady said...

Lol, no Ness, you're tiredness isn't to blame...I didn't put what we were buying. We're buying a carseat. A friend of ours gave us one, but the cover/straps need washed and I can't figure how to get it apart. When I tried, I got so frustrated I about blew up...went online to find a manual to see if it showed how, and the seat is old enough that the manual isn't downloadable. So I think we're going to be on the safe side and just get a new one.

Anna M. said...

mmmmmmmmmmm...that's me sending you good payroll thoughts! =) Good luck and hope all goes well with the labor and the baby! =)

Penny said...

Yay for no work!!! Happy payroll thoughts to you and enjoy your time with LMJM when she decides to arrive!

Falcor said...

You're good on making whatever you want from the patterns and selling them as your own. You just can't make copies of the pattern itself to sell (or re-draw the pattern and sell it as yours or anything silly like that). You don't even have to change it at all or mention the pattern.

Check out James' stuff on Etsy...

And I'm totally sending good payroll and labor vibes your way too!!

As for the kids/hospital thing - I find the "extra worksheets from school" thing hilarious. Do your kids really like school that much?? has lots of cool stuff you can print from there - lots for learning, but some just for fun too. has lots of stuff, including this printable for how to make a boat our of newspaper