Friday, August 29, 2008


There are some things I'd like to admit to in this post. I know, shocking, isn't it??

I'm guilty of eating Ramen noodles for the past 2 days for lunch, even though one package has enough sodium content to last me for a whole week. My feet/ankles are yelling at me right now.

I'm guilty of falling head over heels for a writer named Grace Livingston Hill, thanks to a newfound blog friend, Anna.

I'm guilty of copying recipes down that I never make, but that sound really really good, and that I'd like to say I've made.

I'm guilty of being SCARED. TO. DEATH. of being induced on Tuesday.

I'm guilty of being angry with Big Boss Man's 99 cent San Pellegrino habit, when really it's no more than my daily YooHoo on days that I work. Although I don't drink 4 a day.

I'm guilty of organized chaos. My desk is horrifying to the stranger's eye, but I can tell you what pile everything's in (uh, usually).

**Disclaimer: this is NOT a shelf in my home**

I'm guilty of loving to take pictures, then never getting them developed.

I'm guilty of eating one of life's most hideous food combinations, apparently: peanut butter bread with raisins on top. And I'm guilty of continuing to eat it even after being told it was one of life's most hideous food combos.

I'm guilty of watching movies (especially ones where the underdog wins in the end), over and over and over (and over, and over) again.

I'm guilty of having SO MANY things I want to do, but never doing them, or being scared to try.

I'm guilty (very guilty sometimes) of using sarcasm a a defense mechanism.

Whew...well I don't know about you, but I feel better. Sort of like how Dory feels better in Finding Nemo when she admits to never having eaten a fish:

I hope you all are having a fantastical Friday. And here's to a wonderful, fun-filled weekend.

And share something you're guilty of.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Ramen Noodles rock! Damn this Atkins diet for not lettin gme partake in their noodley goodness!!


Elizabeth said...

Ooooh... I may have to get a couple of packs of Ramen and revist the Good Old Days. *sigh*

I found myself reading this and saying to myself, "Me too, me too". YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Something that I'm guilty of? Being a hypocrite and rewarding myself with food. It's a habit I'm always trying to break.

You will do FANTASTIC come Tuesday.

Ness said...

Never had Ramen noodles. Love Grace Livingston Hill. I've watched enough TLC station to know that if you have a good doctor and nurses, induction usually goes like clockwork. And I'll be praying for you so of course it will go well! Peanut butter and raisin bread I craved my entire pregnancy with Michael.

Something I'm guilty of? Telling myself I'll only be online until the top of the hour and then I extend it to the NEXT hour. I just love my blog friends so much! Does this child have a name yet? I think you said Gina but I don't remember the middle name.

Falcor said...

I'm guilty of thinking of a few things that I'm guilty of that are too "bad" to share here.

I'm also guilty of reading books and magazines while hiding in the bathroom pretending it takes me that long in there when I REALLY need some "me" time!