Saturday, January 12, 2008


I've been going through our office, affectionately called The Bunker (don't ask), and cleaning out my side of old papers, stuff I just don't need or use anymore, you know: Spring Cleaining a good couple months early. I certainly hope that things are supposed to look a lot worse before they get better, because they look worse. I have so many things I wanted to get done today, and all of them require an enormous amount of time to finish, which I have, but they all require patience too, which, uhm, I don't have. I'm absolutely going to make the cinnamon rolls though, because I bought whole milk special for them, and it will go bad if I don't do it soon. Plus, I figure I could always use the extra 2-3000 calories that eating those will entail. {insert rolley eye thingie here}

I would also really like to finish priming the living room, and also The Boys' room. That way, there's a destinct possibility that I could actually {GASP!} paint tomorrow. Yes ladies and gentlemen, that's right, we've got COLORS picked out. Incredible. We've only lived here for 6 years now.

And a budget must (repeat MUST) be made today. If we can't figure it out alone, I'm calling in the reserves. I don't quite know who those people are yet, so friends and family...if you get a call from the Ax household today or tomorrow, be mentally prepared. And be afraid.

And laundry is actually down to almost what I'd call a bare minimum, since Dad did much of it while he was here and I was at work (thanks again Dad!). I also got an ink refill kit for our printer...God help me...I'll try that tonight, as we have things that must be copied and faxes that must be received and pages that must be printed. I can't remember the last time we had ink.

My father-in-law is actually doing very well now. Talk has been mentioned of releasing him to rehab, and apparently he ate some lasagna a couple nights ago and didn't complain one bit! Way to go Ax Man!!!

So...if I'm going to get all this stuff done, I must lift my luscious behind from this chair (I think my cat would like to sit here anyway), and get to work.

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone! And remember, no hiding from me with your caller ID...I'll get through eventually ;)


Ness said...

Sure...go ahead and call me...but I'll be at the Art Museum in Forest Park trying to pick up some culture...

Glad FIL is doing good!


Elizabeth said...

I love the luscious butt thing!!! I must steal that for my own personal use!!! ;)

Glad you are getting so much accomplished! There must be something in the air because we're feeling that here too. It's like pre-spring cleaning. My heart is much lighter when there's less clutter. *sigh*