Monday, January 07, 2008

It's incredible.

Well, seven days have flown by, as they usually do, and I'm beat! I've got updates, news, all kinds of good stuff! So keep reading!

My father-in-law had his surgery (a day later than I'd originally thought), and remains in ICU in one of the best hospitals in his area. This is his second bypass surgery, and apparently in maybe 3 out of every 100 cases, scar tissue from a previous bypass forms and connects an artery to the sternum. Since the sternum is obviously broken during bypass surgery, this caused his artery to be very unhappy, and thank God the surgeons are on their toes in there! They fixed him up right, but he's run into some trouble in other areas. So in ICU he stays until he is back on the up and up. This should not take long, as fiesty and rarin'-to-go as he is.

My dad was in town from blustering, snowy Minnesota. He spoiled The Boys rotten, took them ice skating and may have even gotten them interested in hockey. He also helped rid our home of those rats with bushy tails I've mentioned before, as well as fixing a screen door that's been broken for ages. Thanks Dad!!

I also took the time yesterday to actually prepare and freeze fixings for meals later this week. We got a grocery store gift card from my mother-in-law (thanks Jeannie!!), so I went a-shoppin'! I've got P-Dub's Chicken Spaghetti in the fridge for tomorrow probably, and I prebrowned taco meat for walking taco's. Later this week I'll be making The Best Lasagna. Ever. I also purchsed the makings of the infamous Cinnamon Rolls. I think I may actually be drooling right here and now.

Now I'm off to ready the kids for bed, and hit the hay myself. I'm currently on a book entitled Happy Housewives. Seems a little old fashioned, doesn't it? It's well-written. Shine has a "rather caustic sense of humor", and although some of her ideas are good in theory, she tends to turn people off with insult. We'll see though...I've only read a few chapters of the book thus far.


Just a Walk in the Park said...

Oh, my catty ax friend, I was worried about you, I have missed you.

I am sending my prayers to FIL and can't wait to hear how the cinnamon rolls come out, I have gained 6 lbs from making them about 8 times now.

Glad all is well!
The Park Wife

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Glad to see you're back at the blog. I've missed you!!


Bestill said...

LOL @ the dinner plans. I swear I have started grocery shopping off of her recipes. My family loved the chicken spaghetti and of course Marlboro Man's favorite sandwich is a huge hit. Glad your fil made it through surgery and hope he's well soon!

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm really scared to try the best lasagna ever. I need to not get any wider on my back side but I so love lasagna and that recipe sounds just divine.

Ness said...

Glad you checked in--I was worried!

Glad FIL made it through the surgery. DH had that surgery and a porcine valve replacement 4 years ago and did wonderfully!

Wasn't it you who wanted to see step by step pics for my next quilt? Check my blog on Thursday--doing it just for you...and posterity as I never thought I would do one quilt much less two!

Take care


You had me at walking tacos--had to check it out. How innovative!