Sunday, January 20, 2008

Good Morning Starshine!

Yes folks, that's what song I'm listening to...Good Morning Starshine. It's a lovely song; one that is played on Walzak; one that makes me smile no matter what kind of mood I'm in. I mean, just look at those lyrics...who the heck wouldn't smile hearing someone sing those?

It's bitterly cold here...around 8º now. Of course, this seems like a joke to some of my readers, since at least one of them comes from the land of the 2º temps right now, according to Even the kids don't want to go outside, and I don't much want them to, in this weather. This stinks even more, because cabin fever has reared its ugly head in the Ax household. How does that happen just over a weekend??? I'm planning on going out into that living room in a few minutes, turning off channel 212 (the NFL Network, which plays constantly in this house as long as Little Linebacker is home), turning on one of those kids' music channels, and letting The Boys run around like maniacs to burn off some energy. That will last just a little while, as the NFC and AFC Championship games are on today. LL wouldn't miss those for the world, and I want to see The Pack kick some butt.

So I'm jamming to tunes for awhile in here, then must do laundry and yet another load of dishes. The Boys' room needs cleaned, and I'll vacuum the living room. I've also just noticed the window to my's one of Dexter's windows, and it definitely nose marks all over it. So one more thing to put on my list. Tomorrow is back to work. I figured out that I didn't get paid for the New Year's holiday...this bites, and I've told a manager about it. I got someone to work my shift the night before, and he said "they" (whoever "they" are) probably thought I called in sick, and ya can't do that the shift before or after a holiday. But I did not call in sick, just traded days. So I'll fight tooth and nail, especially since I worked the freakin' holiday!! But The Greens has been good to me thus far, so I don't really suspect that this will be a problem.

I hope everyone's weekend is going swimingly, and we'll see you on the flip side!


Falcor said...

So it's 65 here should come visit. Technically the high is 65, so it's not 65 right now, but our low overnight is 35, so either way, I'm guessing you'd rather be here right now :)

The Park Wife said...

Brrrrrr, I am cold just visiting your site. However, it is 0 degrees in Green Bay, so my Mississippi boy Brett is probably freezing his tush off.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I love that you are NOT lovin he old Chicken Cordon Pus!!

I knew I liked you for a reason!!

Hallie :-)

Elizabeth said...

So what are your favorite tunes to clean to? I have a whole playlist!

Ness said...

I LOVE that song!

Tell The Greens to cough up the moolah cause we spend enough there to pay your salary at time and a half!

Stay warm!