Friday, August 16, 2013

I'm There

My stomach is so bummin' today. I'm not sure why. It all hurts.

School supplies are all purchased, backpacks are full, and first day outfits are all picked out (T-Bird has to wear a certain uniform in high color polos/button downs/sweatshirts and khakis, so at least he was easy).

I discovered not just my first, but my first and second gray hairs yesterday. Do I blame JuJu-B for needing a car, and money, and college? T-Bird for starting high school? Redskin for being wishy washy about joining the football team? Bean for starting kindergarten? I'm sure I can place blame on one of the youngins. Either way, they're there. I've never colored or chemically treated my hair at all (okay, maybe some lemon juice when I was young), and I'm not going to start now. I hope The Daddy likes gray! I know I love his!

Short and sweet today, friends.

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