Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another Year Bites the Dust

This blog has fallen to the way wayside, without warning or explanation. This morning I woke up to a husband who left early to go support his family, a son leaving for his first "official" football practice for high school, two other still-sleeping children, a 67 degree house, and a steaming cup of coffee with real cream. The simple joys were almost overwhelming, and something brought me back here.

So I'm going to revive this little blog of mine, if only for family and friends to keep caught up, and for a journal of our lives here at the lodge. Already, I find my older children asking me "Do you remember that time when..." and my mind is blank. How I could kick myself for not journaling when they were babes. My mind is slippery. I fear it will only get worse (and my mom warns me all the time about it).

Will I be here daily? Meh...I'm not one for pie crust promises. When the mood strikes, I'll be here. When one of the kids does something I need to remember, I'll be here. If there's something fantastic (or suckish, or mundane, or whatever) that I want to share with you, I'll be here. And please, by all means, if there's something on your mind, contact me or leave a prayer book is always open.

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Lisa said...

The whole "slippery mind" thing only gets worse with age! Trust me, I know. BTW, what was your name again? Thank you for calling!