Sunday, September 30, 2012

What's the Proper Use?

I feel nauseous.

I feel nauseated.

I know there's a right and wrong way to use it in a sentence, but I sure don't know which is which.

But that's not the point.

Actually, the point isn't even that I feel yucky. This past week was sort of odd because Daddy had to be up and at 'em very early a couple days. Because our van isn't running, I got up early to drive him so I would have a car to get to work. So he's been sleepy. I've been sleepy.

I figured the odd hours had a lot to do with feeling under the weather, but Friday night was rough. The baby was cranky and threw a pool toss ring that knocked me square in the forehead. Jacob began to feel a little stuffy and runny. Daddy's back was killing him from sitting in an odd position at work. Thomas (the one who had RSV when he was a baby and I was told would have the poor immune system for his kid years, if not his whole life) was the only one who didn't feel sick at all. I began to feel nauseous and a little light headed around 8:15pm. I was laying down by 8:45 and asleep by maybe 9:15! That almost never happens!!

Saturday morning was a little better, although I had a small headache. Add in some coffee and a few late errands, and the day was half over! I hate when that happens! Then all of a sudden, I laid down on the couch while Bean was napping, and I was dozing off. A short nap later, and the nausea kicks in again.

By that time, I had almost a completely wasted day, nothing planned for dinner, and I didn't feel any better! I also hadn't started laundry, so today I'm bringing my A Game!

When you're The Mama, what do you do when you're under the weather? Do you have a support system to completely take over? Do you just do the bare essentials until you feel better, then play catch up? Do you rely on take-out? Tell I'm not the only one!!

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Ness said...

Roger and I have a good system. Whoever can get up waits on the other. Whenever one goes to the bathroom(right off the kitchen) they ask if the other one needs anything. But with young kids, I was on duty no matter how sick I was. With each C-section I was back at work the Monday after discharge. When I came home from my cholecystectomy, I walked in the house and started vacuuming. If you and Patrick go down at the same time, call me....I'll be there.

Kelly said...

Thank you, Ness!! Such a sweetheart! You have so much on your own plate, I'd rather just meet ya for lunch :)