Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Monday!

Are those two words supposed to be used together? Happy Monday? Are we sure?

Well yes, I figure any day I wake up is a good day...a happy day.

Plus, during my morning perusing of Facebook, email, and my daily/semi-daily blogs, I came across this deal from Child Training Bible.

I will be honest with you: paying the $9 for the CTB is a stretch in our budget. But I've wanted one for awhile now, not only to have something to reference for my children, but also for myself! I'm not a new child of God, but I'm still a learning child of God (aren't we all?). There are some many times I've needed to dive into the Word for some problem I'm experiencing...a feeling I'm having trouble with...and I just don't know where exactly to turn.


Now I'll be able to reference His instruction for us any time I need it. And boy, do I need it!

So...this weekend was filled with laundry, football GO WILDCATS!, and gorgeous fall weather. That's actually about it (isn't that enough??). Thus starts another week. Our older son is having just a few problems at school and is home for today and tomorrow, so I'm home with him today. Have I told you recently how *badly* I want to homeschool??

Blessings to you this Monday morning, and this week as a whole.

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Ness said...

Somehow I think God will cover the cost of buying one of His books... we do daily Devotions and are reading the Bible in chronological order. We bought this Bible years ago and FINALLY got around to reading it. We read a chapter a night and now into Proverbs. He reads it one month and I read the Devotional and then we switch the 1st of each month. Yes, I AM OCD. Maybe God is leading you in the homeschool direction...pray about it. Take care. We need to get together some Sunday...I've never been to your part of the woods. Maybe a cookout at a park so the kids can play? Love ya.