Friday, September 07, 2012

Despicable Me

Good day to y'all! How has your week gone? Hopefully fast, and TGIF to ya!

It's not too far through the day, and already, I've been a struggling mama. I'm not sure what's wrong - did I sleep well? Did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed?

Actually, my side of the bed sits against the wall - so I have to crawl over to my husband's side to get I never get up on the wrong side :)

My mood makes me think of the theme song to one of our kids' favorite movies: Despicable Me. You know, "I'm having a bad, bad day. If you take it personal, that's okay". Yeah, that's me today.

Enough of the comedic breaks. My heart's been hurting. For little reasons:

* My daughter (yes, the recently four year old daughter) has had a back-talkin' mouth on her lately.
*I haven't been able to keep up on the dining room table after only a few days.
*A friend helped me make a family budget that we just haven't been able to stick to.

This makes me think about wanting to quit my job and stay home with my babies, which will never happen if we can't get control over this monster.

The Lord calls us to be keepers at home. So why can't I? The bitterness sometimes gets to be too much and just overflows. Typically this leads to more bitterness (at myself this time) because the Lord also says that if we are wise with a little, He will know we can be trusted with much (Luke 16:10). I'm not being wise with what little we have! Our little bank account is often overdrawn, our little house is often a shambles, I am sometimes more disgusted that I have to go to work instead of being grateful to have the job (so many people are still out of work!). How selfish am I?

(sigh) I know sulking and self-pity isn't going to help me at all. I need to make something to eat for The Bean, get her down for a nap, and utilize that time to dig into God's words of encouragement. When I am full of self-doubt, time with my Creator is the only thing that satisfies. It's all this thirsty heart needs.

Today I'm linking up with Our Simple Country Life (even though it's Friday)

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Lisa said...

Here's hoping things get better soon! And I'll share my personal song with you to help you along..."If you're happy and you know it, thank your meds!"

Chocolate works too. Just sayin'.