Monday, April 07, 2008

When is a waste of time not really a waste of time?

I completely blame Big Boss Man.


He has introduced me to the world of StumbleUpon. Now for those of you that don't know what this is, it's basically a random search engine in which you choose your interests, and then you hit a button and it automatically goes to a website that has to do with one of your interests. It's really cool, and you can either thumbs up a site (which is about the same as saving it in your favorites), or thumbs down a site, and they won't show you any more like that.

Now...I've narrowed down my interests to a few (as opposed to many, like when I first started), because I kept getting websites that, although I was interested in the content, I'd never find myself sitting and reading.

Some of my interests? Pregnancy (obviously), children (double obviously), crafts, knitting/crocheting, gardening, home improvement, homemaking and cooking. I'm starting to feel much more Suzie Homemaker than I was 5 days ago.

Now comes the guilt...I've spent more time in front of this computer in the last few days than I ever have!! I mean it's been absolutely gorgeous outside, and I've been in here. Now granted, I've been going back and forth between the computer and my household chores, but still. So I get to blame BBM for it...for introducing me to the wonderful world of SU.

That being said, I've come across some really, really cool websites that have a lot of information about my current "hopeful hobbies", such as sewing and gardening, that I would have never come across if not for SU. And the result is even more interest in these things!! So hopeful hobbies? Look out!! I'll be mastering you in no time!


In other news, we've got 8, count them, 8 days until our Florida trip. {sigh} I'm not sure I've ever looked so forward to a vacation in my adult life. My back hurts, my feet hurt, and I'm just tired (even with the copious amounts of sleep I've been getting). I've promised BBM that I won't nag him about anything concerning the readying of our home for Junior Mint until after we return from vacation...but after that, it's on, baby! I can't believe how quickly the 4½ months have gone by, so the rest of it is sure to follow suit!

And speaking of JM, could I have any more heartburn? I've recently started eating again (Burger King was my friend a few nights in a row, and right now I'd KILL for a Slurpie), but after feeling the effects those things have on my GI tract, I think I'll stick with cereal and milk, thankyouverymuch. Heartburn = lots of hair, right? I've also started feeling "flutters" or "quickening"...yippee!!! And in just a few short days, we'll be seeing JM on The Big Screen again, as the technician checks out his/her internal organs and spine and other such important stuff. Pictures will most definitely follow that appointment!!


Ness said...

Thanks for the info on Stumble Upon. I will be so there!

And you should be resting, so computer time is good. Computer 30 minutes, do chores 20 minutes...back to computer... lol

I am SO EXCITED to find out what the JM is!!!!! Are you thinking any themes or colors for the rooms yet, as in, if it's a boy I want to do thus and so, or if it's a girl... you get the point.

I am so happy you're going on vacation!!!

Patrick Truax said...

We are operating under the assumption it's a girl. If we find out out its going to be a boy, we will probably be stunned into inaction! said...

I am going to check out SU, but I know I will feel guilty if I get obsessed. Do you know of any support groups that will help me with that?

Have a great vacation!!!!
The Park Wife

Lisa said...

Oooh! Been playing around with our blog, have we?? Very cool!! Time to pass the blame for SU on to you!! I can waste a lot of time with that *blasted* site!!

Lisa said...
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