Sunday, April 20, 2008

We're alive!!

Okay, so I'm just here to let everyone know that yes, I am in fact still a member of the living! I've been checking the blog almost every day, but it wouldn't let me sign in!!! You have no idea how frusrating it is to see people coming to visit your blog, and not be able to let them know that you're here, you're reading, and you're longing to talk!!!

Quick update: we've been having a BLAST. Plain and simple, this has been one of the best vacations I've had in a long time, and I'm having trouble grasping the idea that we'll be back home in no time at all. We've been swimming, seen alligators, seen LOTS of other wildlife, been to the beach (I think we're going again this evening), seen family (we'll see more this afternoon at the party)'s just been an excellent time. And let me tell you...after our freakishly crazy weather in St. Louis, the weather here has been absolutely makes me believe that I might actually be able to live in Florida (which would make Big Boss Man and the Boys just pleased as punch). The first night was actually's amazing how quickly one acclimates to change in climate. We'd planned on eating dinner out on the back porch, but the wind was just chilly-willy, although we did go out and sit a bit later, albeit with blankets wrapped around our shoulders (who brings a sweatshirt to Florida?!?!)

I have about ten gazillion pitures and videos to share, but this computer has not been cooperative thus I'll wait for our return to do a full trip story. I hope that everyone has had a fantastic week, and I'll see you soon!!


Elizabeth said...

Awwww... come on. You missed the earthquake!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

been checking each day and with each day and no post i was positive you were having a WONDERFUL time! I am so glad to hear that I was right! can't wait to see the pictures and videos... and arent you glad to have missed the earthquake? Have a safe trip home!

Ness said...

Glad you're having such a phenomenal time!

Missing you but knowing you're happy rocks my world!

Lisa said...

Yeah! And ditto what Ness said!

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