Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Miracles do happen!

Everyone knows how much we love Dexter here at Whirlwind. Even when he's crabby, we still love him. Right after we got Dexter, he "escaped" from our loving home, and I am almost embarrassed as to how I bawled when we couldn't find him.


He's as much a part of this family as Big Boss Man, Monster, Bean Pole, Little Linebacker, or I. He knows this, and he eats up the attention he gets.

That being said, here's a story that gives me hope for all future escapes. Cats are amazing animals, and I wouldn't trade ours for anything.


Elizabeth said...

I would bawl like a baby if Harley ever came up missing. *sniff*

Don't forget to read over this before Santa's visit!

Manda said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! :)

Just a Walk in the Park said...

Hey, I hope all is well there! I ust read your reality check article, I too am so scared about what my boys are growing up with! I hope to see you blogging again soon, I hope you have had a wonderful holiday.