Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Good morning, friends! Can I tell you something? An old high school friend posted on Facebook last night about not liking to cook. About liking the idea of cooking, but not the act. She asked for opinions from people who love to cook...she asked if there was any way to learn to like cooking.

This got me to thinking. I enjoy cooking. I might even go so far as to say I love cooking. Some days are worse than others, at least for now, because I'm still working outside the home. Some days I get home just in time for the kids to be "starving", others I'm not home in time for dinner at all. But the days I get home with time to spare, I love to prepare a meal for my family. I'm not very ambitious with food however, which is sad. But when you have a set (read: limited) food budget, it's hard to try out a new dish...even if it turns out perfect, if the family doesn't like it then you are stuck, scrambling to throw something together so the masses get fed.

So...why cook? Why love to cook? Why love putting different ingredients together to create a completely different taste? Is it all about the food? I will admit that certain flavors just push me over the homemade garlic cheese bread?


But is it just the food? Flavor is important, of course. But the bottom line is we use food for nourishment. We need it. Our bodies need it to survive. I enjoy cooking because it nourishes my family.

In that same line of thinking, I enjoy reading the Bible because God's Word nourishes my soul. When I feel all dried up, I look to The Ultimate Source, the River of Life, to water my parched heart. When I just can't operate anymore because I'm simply starving, God gives me life-sustaining chapter and verse, an all-I-can-eat buffet of absolute truths.

So yes, I love to give my family nourishment. Whether that nourishment comes in the form of family dinner, hugs and kisses, a bedtime story, teaching my children the Word of God, a safe, relaxing, tidy's my God-given job.

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