Friday, October 26, 2012

Be a Lady! and a link-up

I am not what you'd call a feminine woman. Or at least I wasn't. Back in school I was a tomboy. I even had a boy-like haircut back in my really really uncomfortable years (in my own defense, I *detested* that haircut the minute I stepped out of the salon and literally prayed every night that my hair would grow overnight). I was not petite (I didn't prefer "big boned" either). I didn't have long fingers. My feet were big. I can't even remember when I started wearing make-up. I despised wearing skirts and blouses.

Now that I'm an adult, I'm still not petite. I still don't have long fingers (although I've stopped biting my nails). I still have big feet (size 10, y'all!). Now, I believe God has called me to some of the hardest jobs He created...that of wife, mother, and woman in general (at least in today's day and age). In that role, I have become more feminine than I've ever been. And it's something I'm still working on.

I'm not afraid of skirts anymore. My work-outside-the-home job requires uniform, so skirts aren't an option there. But skirts and dresses (especially sundresses in the summer) are no longer my nemesis. My hair is now long and curly (thank you, mommy and dad for giving me those curly genes!), and although it's in a ponytail much of the time (especially summer: thick, hot hair + midwestern humidity = sticky, hot mess), I love to wear it half up. I'm hoping to get one or two Lilla Rose flexi-clips or hair sticks sometime (I'm considering becoming a consultant too!). I wear a little make-up from day to day, and I've sought out make-up tips and tricks specific for my coloring. I even have a Pinterest board for make-up, hair and nails, and another for clothing and shoes.

All of these things are, I believe, easy little things almost every woman can do no matter what season of life they're in. Now as a brand new mom, I wanted nothing to do with anything but stretch pants and a (hopefully) daily shower. {smile} But I am trying to make a point of getting a little "made up" each and every day. It's sort of like FlyLady's getting dressed to your shoes: putting those little finishing touches on can really lift your spirits and make you feel like you're ready for anything.

None of this has to cost major coinage either, friends! I buy my make-up at Wal-Mart, not Estee Lauder. Most of my clothes come from Goodwill, not Macy's or Coldwater Creek. I do look at certain clothing magazines and modest feminine websites to see examples of what looks good together. You can pair up pieces from different shopping trips...just know what you have in your closet already. Keep it to basic pieces that you can mix and match, or add simple "flair" with a scarf, belt, brooch, etc. If there's something special you just can't get off your mind, save up for it or put it on your Christmas or birthday list.

Ladies, the Master Creator made us women to be women. It is very possible to accentuate our femininity without "baring our all" for the entire world to see. Be the woman God created you to be.

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