Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Wishes!

A happy Memorial Day to all of you! Although this day/weekend is known as the "official" start to summer (and boy, has the weather lived up to it!), let's remember what the holiday is really about - a time to reflect on and honor those who sacrificed everything, up to and including their lives, while defending our country.

I was down with some sort of tummy bug for a couple days, but I'm feeling better today (and I'm off work, so yippee for that!). Although the neighboring town has a Memorial Day parade, I had lots of excuses not to go. Patrick has worked, like, 16 hour days this weekend and slept in. Thomas was out late with friends last night and slept in. Plus, it's way hot outside, and I'm a wimp. So inside we stay. We do have plans to barbecue later this afternoon! I'm well prepared with burgers and dogs, potato salad, corn on the cob, party potatoes, chips, and drinks. I made cupcakes yesterday, but that just doesn't seem right. We needs something "summer"...watermelon and strawberries spring to mind!

Tomorrow I'm going to tell you all about the garden I finally got planted! A little late, but hopefully we will still reap the benefits of homegrown goodness! Until then, have a happy and safe Memorial Day!

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Lisa said...

Welcome back to the Whirlwind Lodge! Can't wait to see the garden.