Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Spring Break

The kids are on spring break from school right now. I couldn't afford to take off work for this entire week, so they are mostly just hanging around the house.

Jacob has been over at his friend Jake's house quite a bit. Those boys are funny when they get together!! All the silliness and giggles come out of hiding and go full force. Jake is a good kid, and he has a clubhouse at his house, so they get to play in there.

Thomas goes to Boys and Girls Club daily. It's such a great thing for him to participate in! It's helped him keep his grades up; they teach the kids how to be part of a "family" by setting up chore lists and responsibilities; they get him involved with some fantastic activities - he's part of Botball, which is amazing! It teaches the beginnings of programming, which can plant the seed in young folks' minds and lead to huge futures.

Work is...how do I describe it? INSANE!!! IN. SANE. I'm sure it seems busier because of the lack of people we have working. But I know yesterday's numbers were pretty good for a Monday, especially since the first of the year. Plus the shifts are shorter (to save hours), so the days go by super fast. My Monday shift is still during the day, but my other shifts have me getting off work late in the evenings, so dinner has been sort of tough. Easy dinners are the plan, but even those happen later than I want dinner with the family to happen. I have been searching for dinners that can be made ahead of time, but also that don't use the oven. Any tried and trues? Send them my way!!

If you could spare a prayer for me too, I'd appreciate it. I've been on a medication for awhile and was having some unhappy side effects. My doctor is weaning me off that one and starting me on another one, but the weaning process is difficult. I'm dizzy and have vertigo much of the time...if I look from one thing to another, my eyes stop but the whole room keeps moving and takes awhile to stop moving. YUCK! I can deal with it at home where I can take it easy if I need to, but at work it's next to impossible to just stop and chill for awhile if my eyes go wonky. I've had sort of an icky feeling...not bad, really, just sort of...there. My healthy eating has sort of lagged too, which is NOT helping. So spare a prayer, friends.

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