Monday, November 07, 2011

What a Busy Weekend!

The weekend teases me. Every. Single. Weekend. I usually have Fridays off (thanks be to God!), so I have a "cheater" day in there which many don't have. But I still run out of time because, well, because I'm a lazy bum. This past weekend was actually fairly full, however, so the downtime was spent relaxing and gearing up for this week.

Friday, Jacob had his dentist appointment. The poor kid has had a broken tooth for awhile, and the dental assistant said it probably broke due to the adult tooth pushing on it, and we'll just yank the baby tooth out and there ya go. Uh huh. So we get there and have x-rays done. Lo and behold, the broken tooth isn't a baby tooth, it's his 6 year molar!! {groan} So the dentist put some temp stuff in it to hold him over and that was that. Now we get to schedule a root canal. Jacob doesn't really understand what it is, but he was a trooper about getting the tooth pulled, so this should be a piece of cake.

Thomas made the basketball team! And of course, the physical he had on file couldn't be used for sports (I don't get it at all, but we roll with the punches, don't we?). So we took him to the clinic at my store to get his sports physical done. He's officially a Bullet now, complete with a white home uniform and a red away uniform. His first practice was today, and he came in looking pretty worn out :) He likes it though, and is good at it.

I spent time on Saturday baking my first ever pumpkins to purée and freeze for future pumpkin pies. I used the instructions on Heavenly Homemakers site, and it worked perfectly. I actually could've baked them a little longer, but they were small pumpkins, so I didn't want to take the chance of overdoing them. I'm not sure you can over cook pumpkin, but I didn't want to find out. So just a little work with the food processor, and Bob's your uncle, I've got enough pumpkin to make 3 pies and some extra (maybe cookies?). Sadly, I tried to brine the seeds, coat them in melted butter, then bake them. I mean, butter makes everything better, right? Not so much. I find the butter flavor overwhelming, and the seeds weren't as crispy as I like them...sort of like chewing butter-flavored tree bark...if I knew what that tasted like.

And does everyone remember the lost cookie recipe? Guess what!! I was washing dishes tonight, and I moved my used-so-often-that-it-has-earned-a-permanent-spot-on-my-stove griddle, and there it was!!! The long lost recipe! It's seriously the best chocolate chip cookie recipe I've ever made, and I've had bags of chips waiting for their chance to snag a starring role in the recipe for so long. So next weekend, they'll get their wish.

Work tomorrow, so good night, dear friends. Keep doing everything for His glory!

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