Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bread, Books, and Baseball

After a long day at work, I'm finally sitting on the couch, watching the St. Louis Cardinals play the New York Muts. I enjoy baseball, but more for the cold beer, jalapeƱo-topped nachos, and mustard-drenched hot dogs, all of which taste a thousand times better at the ballpark. The last baseball game I went to was shortly after Thomas (now 12) was born. Sadly, it's been awhile.

I had to stop by Wal-Mart on my way home because I was completely out of contact solution, and Thomas needed more self-sticking tape for his splint. Ours is a Super Wal-Mart, so of course I had to go to the bakery section. I got some Italian-topped bread, which I'm munching on now. I'm not sure what they put on this bread, but it's pretty good. I'd still prefer to make my own, but for store bought, it's not bad.

My before bed reading is At Home In Mitford, the first of the Mitford Years. I've read the entire series several times, and I can still read it again. The books are wonderful, and Mitford sounds like such a lovely town. Sometimes I completely lose myself in the books, in the characters and their stories. It is also where I read "Philippians 4:13, for Pete's sake!!". I think everyone, whether close to God or not, has heard this verse sometime in their life.

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. ~Philippians 4:13

I know I've heard it. Hearing and believing are two totally different animals. For some reason though, reading it over and over in this series brought it to the forefront in my brain and in my heart, and it finally started to sink in. God's power is awe-inspiring, isn't it?? His miracles are ever-coming.

P.S. The Cardinals won the game!

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