Friday, May 23, 2008

Must. Sleep. Now.

Well what an exhausting coupla weeks!

Let me start off the update by bragging telling you that I got to meet up with Ness and her husband Roger for dinner across the river!! I had to go get some shoes for work (boy do my dogs bark by the end of each day!), and we met up for dinner at one of my favorite places to eat, Olga's. They have the BEST cream of broccoli soup ever. The Boys enjoyed meeting some new faces, and Roger had a couple of tricks up his sleeve for them (and they'll never look at a 3-D shape the same way again!). After dinner, they left to go to a baseball game, and we went Croc hunting. And of course, the Croc place doesn't have my black Crocs in my size!! So I left Crocless, but with a full tummy and a great memory of a first time meeting. Ness and Roger are just as sweet as can be, and I look forward to getting together with them in the future. Hopefully gas prices will accomodate those plans!

We also got our new pharmacist and new pharmacy manager at work. I think this had actually happened before my last post, but it takes a few days to get in the swing of things. So far everything's working out splendidly! The new manager is great...not at all the tight-lipped, sourpuss he was made out to be by others...he gets along just fine and is really looking for insight as to how things work the best. Our new pharmacist is, get this, pregnant (that makes 5 pregnant chicks now), and she's been very ill, the poor thing. She's about 100 pounds soaking wet anyway, and she's been puking left and right lately.

So having the new guy here means that I actually get to do the things I'm supposed to do as Senior Tech. Before, there was another Senior Tech there and she took care of most of it. Since taking over her shift, my list of daily things to do has doubled, and now I'm the one people come to with questions. It's challenging, but it's neat to finally be able to earn the title that I went to classes to get.

Little Miss Junior Mint is just wonderful. Big Boss Man got to feel her kick just last night for the first time. Anytime anything touches my belly, she stops...doesn't matter who or what it is, she stops. Little Linebacker is getting awfully frustrated, although we tell him it's not just him...he really wants to feel her kick. My next appointment is a week from tomorrow, where I get to do the dreaded glucose test. Blech. They did warn me to have someone with me for it. Apparently my hypoglycemic reaction from a couple weeks ago means that I could take this sugar drink thing really badly and get a little woozy/fainty/pukey with it. So I've asked BBM to keep that day open in his schedule so he can accompany me, just in case.

Other than that, we're just waiting on our stimulus check so we can get started on the office/baby room switch. I keep checking, but they still "have no specific information on our payment". I'll keep checking though, in the hopes that we'll soon know a mail date.

School ends for The Boys in just a week...hard to believe I'll be the proud mama bear of a 4th grader and a 2nd grader. That's just not right. Beanpole is playing the trumpet starting next year (hey, it's better than his second choice, the DRUMS...I don't think my ears could take that). He will hopefully excel at it, since he's so artistic and musically inclined. As long as he enjoys it, that's all that matters.

Well then...I'm off to bed. I can barely keep my eyes open, and I think the kids' movie is just about over. Maybe they'll be nice to mama bear and sleep in a little tomorrow morning. Thank God for 3 days weekends!!!


Elizabeth said...

"Beanpole is playing the trumpet starting next year (hey, it's better than his second choice, the DRUMS...I don't think my ears could take that)."

Actually... it's not all that bad! Especially when they've got the right rhythm! ;)

Lisa said...

Boy, you have been busy! So great that you got to meet up with Ness and Roger IRL.

Congrats on getting a staff at work that will actually let you do your job! Bright thing sin the future, I think.

As for the drums, that's what I played in school. At home, all I had was a rubber and wood pad, properly tilted for a snare drum, to practice my music. No loud noises!! Just in case the trumpet doesn't work out, I check out what the kids use for at home practice of drums!

Elizabeth said...

Pushy Pushy! ;)

I can't tell you exactly what I got on the exam without knowing how many questions were on it. I missed 18 questions (I missed no more than 2 questions per section: think health and wellness, assessment, kinesiology, etc). I THINK there were 200+ questions on the test. And my academic eye wants to see an A- or a B+ but I won't get that information for another few weeks. More waiting for me!! said...

You sound quiet busy! I hope you are getting some good sleep this holiday weekend. I just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and Junior Mint, I am glad all is well.
The Park Wife