Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How about some excitement?

Oh...I've had enough of that already, you say? Hhmmm, I'd believe you, but I actually experienced today, and you're only getting to read about it. So neener neener neener!!

This morning I woke up as normal, albeit a bit late (by maybe 20 minutes), but I'd set my alarm extra early just in case. I took a shower, got the boys ready for school, drove them there, then came home and sat down to my usual breakfast of toast and a glass of milk. I'll even admit to having 2 glasses of milk...I know...I'm a rebel like that. When I'm done I spend a few more minutes responding to email, then mentally prepare myself for another day at work.

Maybe 15 minutes before I leave for work, I get a really racey heart kind of feeling, and I blame it on my excitement for Hump Day...because you know that means the week is half over and it's all downhill, right? Sounds good. Off to work I go. I arrive on time and start my morning duties, and the feeling gets worse. I also start to get sort of fluttery/nauseous, a bit shakey, and feel as though I can't catch my breath...kind of like I just walked up maybe 4 flights of stairs (yeah, I'm that out of shape...shaddup!!).

Couple hours into the day, and I'm on the phone with my OB's office, 'splaining what's going on. The nurse asks me to check my pulse, which I do, and it's high, but not extraordinarily high...108 bpm. She really wants me to check my blood pressure, but we don't have a sit-down machine at The Greens, so I can't. She finds out that all I ate was toast for breaky, and tells me to go get something to eat that has protein...lots and lots of protein.

So it's, what...maybe 10:30a.m. and I'm supposed to go find myself a nice steak or pork chop or something. yeah, that's gonna happen, especially at Walgreens (this isn't Perfect, you know). But I manage to go find a protein bar and a cheese stick and have a seat while I'm choking those down (I don't care what flavor you say a protein bar is...none of them are tasty). I sit for as long as I can manage (I am at work), then call her back with my new pulse rate and how I'm feeling. And get this: pulse rate is UP to 116 bpm!!! And I'd been sitting down! She says she really wants to get me in to do some tests and at least get things documented, even though I have no history of any kind of issues with my prior pregnancies. I tell her I'm going to have to call back, because I don't have a vehicle at work and I need to find someone to cover my shift.

2 hours later, no one has called back, but I at least get to use my lunch hour to drive BBM to work so I can have the van in case I do get to go. After speaking with the nurse again, and still having the shortness of breath and racing heart, she practically orders me to go back to work, tell my supervisor that I need to go be monitored, and leave. Plain and simple. So, I did just that!

Okay, so I actually called one more guy to see if he could at least come in early, which he gladly does (thanks Chase!!), and then I leave. When I get to the office, I'm ushered into a room I've always seen, but never gotten to be in before. It's got lots of machines, just like the rest of them do, but it also has a huge (HUGE) leather recliner...miracle of miracles, I get to sit in that?!?! Sweet Mother, it was the most comfortable chair I've ever blessed with my posterior! Then she tells me I have to lean back...way back, and she pushes the chair for me. I feel as though I'm melting into oblivion, and she sticks a monitor with cold goo on it right onto my bare belly...woke me up right quick!! Then she laughed. Then I glared.

Anywho...Little Miss Junior Mint did NOT like that monitor. She transformed into a tiny jumping bean and wouldn't hold still. So I'm informed that I've got to push against the monitor as hard as I can stand it, to "pin her down"! Bwahahahaaa! Then with the other hand, I've got this little thing that looks like the buzzers on Jeopardy, and I'm to push the button every time I have an answ....I mean every time I feel her move. She failed to mention, however, that the fingers on my left hand would get so tired and numb that they wouldn't function anymore. I had to figure that one out by myself. Oh yeah, and if I ever lost her heartbeat and could get it back within a few minutes, I have my very own bell. A true bell, with a handle and everything, that I get to ring whenever I want. With all those extra hands I have.

So it turns out, I was having some sort of hypoglycemic reaction and just needed some proteins in me. Then she lectured about my stress levels too, which I politely let go in one ear and out the other. I know she's right, but aside from chanting "ohm" at work and home constantly, there's not a whole lot I can change about anything that's going on right now, at work or at home. I'm just glad I wasn't this pregnant during cold and flu season.

So, sent home I was, with a note to return to work with no restrictions tomorrow. And tomorrow's my late shift, so at least I'll get to come back and lay down for awhile after I drop The Boys off at school. But wait, I have an appointment with the water company to relocate a meter to the outside of our home (apparently we're not home emough and they haven't read our meter in months). Then the insurance adjuster is coming between 11 and noon to take a gander at our bathroom damage. Okay, so I won't be able to sleep. But I'll still get to lay down, right?


Elizabeth said...

Ok, that was enough to freak me out. I'm glad everything was okay. And your husband is fired for failing to tell me all of this so I could have at least commiserated with you when you came to get him!! Heathen!!!!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Damn woman....carry a pork chop around in your purse!!


Ness said...

I see I need to come across the river and take care of you...let me look at my the mean time, you get the Mom Lecture #308 on taking care of you and that precious Miss Juniorette Mint. Never leave the house without a protein snack with you. Drink the water. Take breaks at work. And do a lot of ohm-ing. If you'd ever answer your cell, you could get this lecture in audio. lol Take care!

late night star light said...

PoachedEggsPoachedEggsPoachedEggs (or at least a nice omlette) and toast with orange marmelade.

Lisa said...

There you go again! Round and round clinging to a windmill blade!

We need an update on how you're feeling! We are worried! We are using the third person royal "we!"

You can type while lying down, right?